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RE: Is Our Addiction to "Quick Fixes" Killing Us?

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I lived in southern Spain as a teenager @artemislives, and slow was definitely part of the picture. It frustrated the heck out of my parents... and one of my retrospective take-aways is that highly "westernized" cultures have come to equate slow with lazy. Which is far from true... everything got done... EVENTUALLY.


haha - I'm laughing cos Thai time is VERY slow. After 17 years here, I'm amused by how relentlessly western people pursue slow. Hence my comment here. :) "We have to fight for slow" is insane and impossible, and the energetic antithesis of slow.

!ENGAGE 15 Good night. The late evening monsoon rain tumbles down at 11.30pm and the only thing that is not slow tonight is the incredible lightning and thunder. Great sleeping weather.

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