When the heather shows flowers, summer gives its last powers

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When the heather shows flowers, summer gives its last powers

Strikingly Beautiful

It can be seen in so many things. If you are a bit of a nature person ... summer is slowly turning into autumn. A time that can evoke melancholy. But also a time that shows beautiful colors. The leaves of the trees that slowly turn into flowers one by one. But the most striking natural phenomenon I find every year the flowering of the heather.

A plant that can look so dead and barren during the rest of the year, and which in August / September can suddenly cover large parts of our Dutch landscape with a beautiful purple cloth.

I couldn't resist

Yesterday I went to a wholesaler with a friend of mine, and coincidentally, (well, what you happen to call these days), there were the heather plants on sale. I couldn't resist. Where the other flowers all die, and thus lose their colors, the heather is now in full bloom. And that gives my garden a beautiful color that allows me to enjoy it a little longer. Summer may be almost over. But this way I can enjoy beautiful colors a little longer.

Did you know ...

Besides cheerfulness due to the beautiful colors of the flowering heather, this plant has much more to offer. What probably not everyone will know is that this plant was traditionally used as a broom! So besides beautiful it was also useful. But that's not all. Because this heather, also has great benefits for our inner well-being.

Inner Balance

In Bach flower therapy this plant is used, among other things, to bring people's inner balance. The slightly calming properties of heather give you back your inner peace, allowing your relationships with other people to become more equal again because you no longer have to constantly look for confirmation. The properties of heather used in Bach flowers teach you to love yourself again. That loving yourself is a valuable quality that allows you to be in the center of your own strength. How valuable is it that heather can help you with this! Heide makes you emotionally independent, that you can give attention to others. And not just be with yourself. And everyone knows how important this is in human relationships.

Wait that's not all

And if you think this is all ... then I have a surprise for you. Because heather is also frequently used in natural medicine. The flowering herb is mainly used in naturopathy. The active substances contained herein are arbutin, hydroquinone, arbutase, catechols gallus tanning agents, the flavonoids quercetin, myricitin, leucodelfinidin and traces of the essential oil ericoline and ericinol.

Cleanse the body from within

Heather has a mild diuretic effect. Moreover, it has sweat-wicking and blood-purifying properties. It is therefore used in herbal blends that aim to cleanse the body from within. Waste products are more quickly removed from the body when using this medicinal plant.

Phytotherapists can prescribe it for the following indications:

  • Kidney stones,
  • Cystitis,
  • Kidney inflammation.

Other urinary tract problems

Heather has less disinfectant effect than bearberry or red blueberry. These are more powerful medicinal plants for treating urinary tract infections. Nevertheless, the heather is useful. It has a diuretic, antiseptic, astringent and calming effect on the urinary tract. In addition to the urinary problems already mentioned, heather can provide relief during a treatment of the
following diseases:

  • Oliguria or too little urine output,
  • Albuminuria or protein in the urine,
  • Prostatitis or inflammation of the prostate,
  • Pyuria or pus in the urine.

Soothing rheumatic pains

And if you still don't think this is enough. You can also make an oil from heather that soothes rheumatic pains and also helps against skin flakes. You can apply this oil as often as you like.

Heather has no known toxic side effects at all.

And that is sometimes different with the medicines that are provided by the pharmacy. Sometimes the remedy is even worse than the disease.

Naturopathy has so many advantages ... and can be found in the most unexpected, special, but also everyday plants.

Nature is so giving

I am increasingly convinced that nature offers us almost everything we need. Nature provides us with food, and in addition, Mother Nature offers us almost everything our body needs to stay healthy, or to become healthy again.

It takes time and effort to learn, but is so worth it!


Thanks for using the INFOWARS tag, full UV and beautiful photography
I expect nothing but awesome from such a smart, independent woman like yourself :)

Thanks for your reply, and for the compliments. Means a lot from a powerlady like you are!

coming from the calibre of a person like you that is one of the highest compliments I can receive as I know you do not mince words and it comes straight from the heart (and your brain), like I said earlier somewhere.....you are a sharp, sharp cookie and love the flower pics, am hoping next weekend to go get some diff ones for cooler weather even though a lot of gourds and some veggies are still going at it.

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Such a beautiful color indeed! That plant isn't native in my country,so I knew nothing about it, interesting information! Thanks, Hetty!

Your welcome, I'm glad you enjoyed it. And yes the colors are really amazing!

Wow! I had no idea heather was medicinal!!! And with no known side effects - that's pretty amazing.

Mother Nature offers us almost everything our body needs to stay healthy, or to become healthy again.

YES!! She is a provider of abundance - we just need to tune in.

Thanks faoar this lovely post which made me smile~

I knew you would love it! Yes it really is amazing what we all can receive from mother nature, if we only tune in. And often enough we all seem to live too much in a rush to do just that ...

Thanks for stopping by, and happy I could tell you something you didn't know about heather.

Oh, all the things heather can do for you - apart from ogling at the colours :)
Noted and saved for needs if they are needed!
Thank you :D

You're very welcome and I'm glad you enjoyed it. Thank you for stopping by!

WOW... Truly amazing shots and love the colours 😍
Much interesting information about the Heather, and I had no idea they could do so much good for us.
Really amazing plant and I wish we had them here to.

Thank you for sharing and I Loove your pictures alot.
Much love 🤗🌷🤗

Thanks for stopping by and the compliments about the shots. And I'm happy I could write up something really informational for many of is. As heather can really do much good without any toxic side effects.

Your last compliment about my photos makes me smile so thank you!
Much love back at ya

(of course a hug for a girl that loves hugging).

Love love love!!! the pictures especially the purple one <3
Nature can work magic if you take the time to enjoy it. I should do so more often because looking at your pics makes me happy. Yesterday we've been out in the woods and it felt so good having some smell of nature rather than city smells mainly from traffic.

Lovely informative post! The photos of the heather are really nice.

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