Not feeling well sometimes is Normal


Feeling fine is what we need for sure. That feeling is good of course, telling us to be active. Going outside, doing the things we want, and not worrying about what's happening to our body. Who will ask for a bad feeling anyway when it hinders us with many things. That's why we all ask that our body should be feeling better all the time but asking this is too much.

Let's not forget that it is impossible to be perfect. I remember there was a quote in that book. I forgot the name of the book because I was in high school back then. "Man perfect himself through working." I don't totally agree because of knowing the attitude of a human. We aren't satisfied, at first, we will think it's enough but as time passes, that will not be anymore.

Just like asking to be fine all the time is like asking for a perfect body which is not possible. Imagine a person keeps on running and running. That person for sure will get tired in time, not right away because of being used to it. When a vehicle keeps operating, every day and from time to time. That vehicle will be checked for maintenance because if it will be ignored the time he's being operated. The machine of that vehicle will get damaged considering how it's working too much.

It's obvious, right? In living in this world every day and spending for how many years. It's impossible that one's body will not feel something different sometimes. Not ignoring the abuses of that human to his/her body. The food is eaten, the time it spends being awake, the stress to the brain, and many more. Don't you think it's normal not to feel ill despite how much a body is being used?


If ever you're feeling fine all the time which is unbelievable but still if you are. I think you should be afraid and check a health specialist because you're abnormal perhaps. But then if you're being afraid because of what's happening to your body. You have a lot of worries in mind because you're thinking too much. I'm telling you it's normal, it's just a possible reaction to your body.

If you're not sleeping enough hours for consecutive days. For sure you'll experience headaches because the brain is not having enough sleep. If you're eating too much without a balanced diet. Time will come that your body will be complaining because the food will be hard to handle anymore. That's the reason some people suffer from high blood pressure, diabetes, kidney problems, and many more.

I'm not a health expert but I think it's too obvious for me to think like this. It's what I've experienced and heard from some people. Even you can tell if you'll start observing your body. So if you're not feeling fine all of a sudden, don't panic. Know first what's going on and don't just take pills immediately to relieve what you're feeling. Remember that not feeling well sometimes is normal. Be thankful because it means your body is still normal.

No one can understand our body personally. It's us who can tell what's going on, like where it hurts or how it hurts or something else. The best person to treat your body is You. Don't rely on other people because some of them are just referring to others' experiences or from observing them.

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