Gardening Adventures: Love For Lavender | Pixie Palace Plantings

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Today, I share with you the first step to my new life adventures in gardening. Having very limited home space to do so, I started out with a simple, yet beautiful, plants - lavender.

While this video may not be as "polished" as my others, it's still fun showing all of you what new beginnings are happening at the Pixie Palace as summer soon's never too late to start something new & reinvest in your own joy!

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Good luck with your new planting adventure!!! That lavender will be gorgeous... And your patio screams for more plants!!! :)


Thank you!! I cannot wait to show you the beautiful sprouts that should be showing themselves eventually. :) Patience is definitely a virtue here lol.... Yes, I have seeds so I definitely need to plant over the summer ;)

I appreciate you watching! :) 🌻💚



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I love the HIVE icon on the pot!

Yeah that's a great idea. It's so cute.

He he thank you! I thought it would be a cute touch on the thumbnail since we are on this great blockchain :) Thanks for your awesome comment. :)



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Hopefully the lavender will growing up well. Let's see :)

A fun video and I'm waiting for the next :)

Thank you so much. I am really glad you liked it. (Great to see you, btw! :) )

Yes, it is my first real "gardening" project so I am super excited to see how this goes. Lavender is one of my favorites as well. There will be more to come, but one thing at a time for now ... ;)



Well, long time no talking with you in the comments. Ehehe.

So much busy to do curation :)

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Thank you so much! I appreciate you! :) 💚🌻

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