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RE: Is Our Addiction to "Quick Fixes" Killing Us?

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Fast, quick solutions are symptoms of a modern ill. It is discouraging, in that climate, to feel as if you're losing, especially when everything is geared towards that illusion of success.

Appreciating how long it's taking to build the community connections I'm building - because I know that makes for a more stable soil for growth. A slow cooked meal is more flavoursome. But boy we have to fight for slow, it seems, every day.


Some places specialize in slow, like Asia, India, Africa and South America. Even some parts of rural Spain, Greece & Crete. And provincial France. It's such a healing vibe to take one's time!! Maybe time to reconsider where you choose to live??

Cos @denmarkguy's right - the addiction to fast, and the addiction to the idea that everything needs fixing and improving, is deadly.


I lived in southern Spain as a teenager @artemislives, and slow was definitely part of the picture. It frustrated the heck out of my parents... and one of my retrospective take-aways is that highly "westernized" cultures have come to equate slow with lazy. Which is far from true... everything got done... EVENTUALLY.

haha - I'm laughing cos Thai time is VERY slow. After 17 years here, I'm amused by how relentlessly western people pursue slow. Hence my comment here. :) "We have to fight for slow" is insane and impossible, and the energetic antithesis of slow.

!ENGAGE 15 Good night. The late evening monsoon rain tumbles down at 11.30pm and the only thing that is not slow tonight is the incredible lightning and thunder. Great sleeping weather.

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It is. I think just emphasising the slow WHERE I live is better though - maybe it'll rub off on others...

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Ah yes, the "ILLUSION" of success...

I fear a lot of people have been spoon fed what success is supposed to look like, and they just take that in as truth, rather than sitting back and defining their own versions what sucess... for them.

Community building is a never-ending process, it seems... you have to be patient and just keep plugging away at it. And it can be hard, because "slow" is not a valued attribute in our world.

The other day, I was looking at a gardening/seed/plants web site because we are interested in putting in some gooseberry bushes. When I read the reviews of different strains, the most common complaint and reason for a poor rating was related to how long it takes the bushes to mature (10-12 YEARS) and nobody wanted to wait for that.

Oh, but you know the old proverb right - about the best time to plant a tree being yesterday? Bill Mollison, the permaculture guru, said 'if you don't plant a walnut tree, in twenty years time you won't have walnuts'. Time passes quickly.