Let's Have Dabeli at Home

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Dabeli is one of the famous Road Side snacks in Mumbai and Gujrat. Dabeli has one of the easiest recipes and it can be made with fewer ingredients too, or the ingredients which are common in every Indian Household. Dabeli can be spicy or can be sweet as per your choice, what I have made is just with medium spice. The Indian Bun also knows as Pav is filled with potato mixture along with different chutney and some other spices.

As I said preparing Dabeli is very easy, first, we will boil Potatoes, and then prepare Dabeli Masala. For the masala, we need red chili, cumin seeds, cinnamon, and coriander seeds and grind it in the mixture grinder.

PotatoesFine Powder

Then we have prepared the two chutneys, Red and Green. For red chutney, I have used red chilis, garlic, and lemon juice. For green chutney, I have used Coriander leaves.


Then I have created the mixture of Potato for filling, which needs Boiled Potatoes, onion, taramind, and then added Dabeli masala which we have prepared earlier. Along with that added chili flakes and coriander leaves.

IngredientsPotato Mixture



Now it's time to fill the Pav with the potato mixture and other things. At first heat, the pav and then apply green chutney over it.

HeatingApplying Chutney

After that add potato mixture and some grated coconut over it.

Adding Potator MixtureAdding Grated Coconut

And then garnish it with Cardomom leaves or anything which you want it with :

8f560aadd51c4749b428a75d3aff12ee 1.jpg


And then eat this beautiful, yummy and tasty street food at home.


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Bro this is making me hungry again. Looks yummy 👌👌 small things of life but not small things 😊 I need prepare for me now.

Thanks for the detailed instructions and nice photographs 👌

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बड़े भाई आप तो master chief निकले👌✌️

Bhai bas thoda bahut kar lete hain

वाह कमाल करते हो आप इतनी सारी चीजें बना लेते हो आप ये हर कोई नही कर सकता। आपका present करने का तरीका बढ़िया लगता है मेरे को ।

Bas youtube ka kamal h, hum to bas usko dekhke bana lete hain..

Looks yummy! ;)


You're welcome! ;)