Simple my own home cooking

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Simple my own home cooking


Have you ever thought about going straight to the kitchen to cook some foods when you feel really bored ?
Any motivations about plans to do ?

Whatever that to sit still with nothing or whatever make you don't distract to Social Media

So yesterday I had an idea what to do in order to get rid of being bored, I decided to make an ideal cook. Firstly I wanted to use food delivery but I changed my mind to make a cook instead

I looked for any ingredients so I found the Frozen Pumpkin Chopped I had bought few days ago


Actually I needed all pumpkin to ingredient vegetable salad, but to think about the whole, better to use pumpkin for main dishes

Which is Stir fried pumpkin with eggs

So this menu is really simple dish, easily cooked with few ingredients you would finish it.

My target of this dinner was just Stir fried Pumpkin with eggs, not to eat with steam rice
This is going to be my diet time moment as well
Also, plus the pumpkin is super healthy, It is likely a healthy choice for me

Let me share how to cook it in my own style. I am sure everyone is familiar with this food and you guys might have your own way to cook it as well

How to make it

  • Cut all pumpkin into bite-size pieces, better to chop them thin


  • Prepare all ingredients such as Olive oil, Seasoning sauce, Oyster sauce, Pounded garlic, sugar, seasoning powder and 2 eggs.


  • Pour olive oil into frying pan, let them heat. Then fill all pumpkin and fry it together until you feel all pumpkin skin no longer tough ( I kept frying around 2 minutes )


  • Let’s pumpkins dry on the other side of the pan, add garlic, keep trying pounded garlic until you can smell the garlic aroma. Then quickly fry pumpkins and garlic mixed together


  • Pour 2 eggs, stir-fry them and mix all ingredients again


  • Time to seasoning, add 2 spoons of oyster, 1 teaspoon of seasoning sauce, 1 teaspoon of sugar and put a little seasoning powder.


And again fry all ingredients together. I feel really mouth-watering from good smell

Well, that's it with my own cooked Stir fried pumpkin with eggs. I did have dinner with it without steam rice which my belief is to reduce carbohydrate form in my body. I think it is really good for those who are on a diet to lose weight.