🧁 🥊 🥬 🥊 🥂 Food Fight Friday - Round 10 - 06.12.20 - 🧁 🥊 🥬 🥊 🥂


iiiiiitt’s THYME!!!!

The oven’s On 🔥 and ready to Cook these Contenders to a cRIsP❗️

Get those over Mitts on because these Eight Contenders are heating up the kitchen
they are too hot to handle

Welcome to the COoOolest Kitchen on the Blockchain

Round 10
of this Food Flingin' Madness

(Please follow the #new voting format: #01, #02.. #10, #11 etc.)



Green Smoothies Idea: Mustard Greens With Coconut Milk Smoothies Recipe

Mustard greens are popular green veggies in Asia



Dinner Anyone?


Tonight I prepared one of my favorite meals



Grandpa Gotta Cook—Tostadas Con Ensalada De Pollo


Sometimes, you just don't know what to cook



Flipping and Flapping For Food Fight Friday


Fighting for survival and sharing comfort food



Vegan pizza with tempeh chorizo for Food fight Friday


It's #foodfightfriday again but I'm a foodie not a fighter



Homemade 'Fuska' recipe | The most popular Bangali snack!


The name of the 'Fuska' automatically brings water in our mouth



[ESP][ENG] Sopa de vegetales. ¡No tires a la basura los vegetales viejos! / Vegetable soup. Don't throw away old vegetables!


Hola querida comunidad. ¡Espero estén todos muy bien! Hello, dear community


Beach and BBQ for foodfightfriday


For this foodfightfriday I made a BBQ after being at the beach teaching my wife to bodyboard


Well there you have it...
The Friendly, Fun, Food Lovin' Folks
Who Stepped into the Food Fight Friday Arena for
Round 10

Now place your votes
Let's see who gets an extra helping of dessert


has teamed up with
to bring the Food Fight to
The Hive

1st Place Prize

5 Hive + 500 Foodie Tokens
(+ Custom-tailored belt gif with your name all over it)

2nd Place Prize

2 Hive + 200 Foodie Tokens

3rd Place Prize

1 Hive + 100 Foodie Tokens

Now then...

Dish up some Democracy would ya?!

Vote For Your Favorite Contender

in the Comment Section below. ⬇️
ONE vote ONLY (NO Self-Votes)
So make it nonSTICK‼️

Don't forget to checkout the Winner from last Round




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I vote @ninahaskin that is so delicious

Really interesting @foodfightfriday. Think I might join in next round. Awesome recipes.

I vote for #7 - @jennyzer

Thanks for the vote @justclickindiva

You're welcome. Do you think the FFF tag would be a good one for our Terminal Cookbook Challenge entrants to use? If so, I'll recommend they use it when creating their posts for the Rally Challenge.


Yes, it would be good, this way they participate in two dynamics at the same time.

Have a happy day @justclickindiva

Some mouthwatering recipes!
Thanks, everyone for sharing.

Sorry i was to fast MY VOTE #2 is for @ninahaskin

Thank you kindly for your vote of support!
Much appreciated! @brittandjosie🍤🍚🍓🍷

#2 @ninahaskin produced a knock-out this week!

Bringing back good memories finished with a bottle of sparkling. #2 has it.

Put me down for #2 that spread is hard to beat

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