A good lunch @Janatha Lunch Home!

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JLH Thali.jpg

A good seafood lunch is what we wanted and Janatha lunch home served us just that. It was perfect. We had a nice Vegetarian Thali, couple of pomfrets (King fish), squid golden fry, daal, saar, and a nice fish fry.

I was clicking pictures individually and then @bighungrypanda came up with the idea of a slideshow video. Loved it and this is the end result:

Here are the pictures with all the dishes:

Food 858.jpg

Food 859.jpg

Food 860.jpg

Food 861.jpg

Food 862.jpg

Food 863.jpg


This was a fun shoot ❤

Yes indeed ☺️

They serve some really delicious fish.🤤 The slideshow video is really creative.

Yup, the fish is amazing!