FRUITS AND VEGGIES MONDAY | Another way to enjoy avocado

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Avocados ! Avocados ! Avocados !

That's what I've been having for the last three weekends and also what I've been posting as well. Maybe a bit too frequent but there's just so many things to share about this new found Vietnamese fruit. It's just so amazing to see this fruit at the local wet market and the prices are so affordable that it seemed sinful not to enjoy more of this fruit.


I've had it on its own and even made a salad with it. But this weekend, I decided to indulge in it differently. I went to the supermarket and got myself a bottle of locally made honey, a box of thin biscuits and a jar of blueberry jam. In my mind, I was already planning on how to enjoy this fruit in the next few days.


But, for the last few days, I decided to enjoy it with some honey. A slight drizzle of honey poured all over the avocado; after removing the seeds. I have to say, it taste wonderful since avocados are tasteless but when mixed with honey; it's the perfect combination. Though, I have heard that some people uses thick condensed milk as a replacement. Not sure if there are any organic or vegan based condensed milk. Then again, even if there was, I doubt I would try this combination.


I wonder if one can overdose on avocados ? I mean I eat like 2 to 3 avocados weekly. If it's not avocados, I'll be having rambutans or guavas. Whatever it is, I'm sure getting lots of Vitamins😍

I'll definitely share more in my next post. Hope you enjoy my photo taken from my Huawei


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Oh wow this avocado looks very different! I have never seen an orange avocado before!

Now, that you mentioned it, it does look more orange than the usual ones that we have back home.
But taste just good

Oh... If there is a chance to bring back when you're able to fly home again, we will definitely be really curious how it taste like ; whether it is like the usual green ones.

I could never overdose on Avacadoes
And if I could, I wouldn't mind it at all haha

If I was back in KUL, it's too expensive to eat avocados but in Vietnam, especially now since lots of the fruits are not able to export out, it's so cheap to eat daily.

Lucky you :D

I love avocados and we also have plenty of it here in the Philippines. I will surely try it with honey the next time I have the chance. :)

Oh yes.. do try.
I like the sweetness of the honey with the texture of the avocado

I will be getting some things from the grocery tomorrow so I might just have my wish to eat avocados with honey. :)

I always eat avocado with salt and pepper or cheese, I never thought of trying it with sweet things. You can never eat too much avocado ;)

Salt, pepper or cheese ?
I've never tried this combination before myself.

What about salsa, with onions and tomatoes? It can be added to salads, there are endless ways to eat avocados :)