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It jas been three months that I preferred pineapple juice. One of my friends told me that her doctor told her to drink pineapple juice instead of drinking pain reliever. It was proven by herself so I did it to reduce the uric acid in my body.

A cup of this juice compensate all what health benefits I need per day.

I bought it the first day of being free last June 21, 2020.

I was wrong I bought one only

Last another day, I decided to process it with apple and orange for different types of taste.

Cut into cubes so it could be blended well.

So sweet pineapple so I didn't add sugar.

Apple and orange are also sweet.

I included the peel of the orange, seeds of the apple, and eye of the pineapple just for a try. Blended it well.

Poured it to the glass and I was already salivating.

I didn't use ice cubes, I needed the purest taste.

And yearn for a good life.

Making food at home is better than buying outside most especially during this time where coronavirus is still around. If we don't care about ourselves, be mindful of the children we have. So be responsible. We are the old one and ready to see the sunset but the children are there hoping to see the rising star in their life. We, the parents also would be the first to be happy seeing our healthy children.

Thank you and this is my entry for #fruitandveggiesmonday initiated by @lenasveganliving.

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Refreshing! Pineapple ay rich source of fiber it helps to loosen the waste from our digestive system that relieves constipation.

Good information my dear.

Hmm naa nasad pwede maapilan ba challenge, hehe

Oo pwd kaayo Sir.

never tried a pineapple juice but I might !

Really? You can try and tell me, it really helps me in my pain and so refreshing.

Doesn't get much better than fresh, wholesome fruit! Now you all have me craving pineapple... :)

Do you have fresh pineapple in your place?

They don't grow locally, so I only occasionally get them as they are usually imported from the Caribbean or South America I believe. I remember eating all I could when we visited the Dominican Republic a few years ago because they were so delicious fresh!

Here in Saudi Arabia, it is also imported from the Philippines or Kenya. In my homeland Philippines, we have it in our garden and there are plantations in the other places which are exported here and around the world from (DOLE PINEAPPLE PLANTATION OF THE PHILIPPINES)

Refreshing 🙏

Thanks for dropping by.