Practice Baking Monay

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Yesterday was once again a busy day for me long day even. Being a newbie in baking with zero knowledge, it takes hours for me to learn how to bake a specific bread. I don't have a formal lesson about baking. I learn by reading free stuff online and often times when it is free it is not complete or reliable source. I'm not generalising as there are free online stuff that of the highest quality.

My favourite online platform for learning is YouTube. Tons of videos but you have to search for the right ones. Which means I have to spend time long hours watching a lot of videos to find at least two videos so I have some points of comparison. Here I uploaded photos of the bread I baked. We call them monay or buns. When I bake a batch of anything there will always be a surplus which I give to people who might need them. Here I gave away 6 pieces of buns to my neighbour. It is hard now here in my place for people to go out because we are back to the strict quarantine rules. By sharing these buns I know I was able to help. My neighbour is an elderly with two family members.

Thanks for dropping by

Keep discovering. Satisfy your curiosity and never get tired learning new things


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