My Homemade Estofado To Grace Your Table

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Greetings to all! What's the menu for today? I have my own version of Estofado that you would surely covet once you've tasted it. I usually prepare this for important occasions to make it special and something on look forward when kids are home. Aside from my Hamonada, I also make my own version of Estofado. Actually, the preparation is almost the same. The difference is that you need to fry it first to make the whole meat firm before putting it in your pressure cooker.


2 kilos Tender loin
3 cloves garlic
2 bulbs white onion
3 stems of Spring onion
3 bell peppers
1/2 cup brown sugar
Black Pepper
Oyster Sauce
1pack Tomato paste
Salt and seasoning to taste

2nd Part

Sliced pineapple
5 Medium sized Potatoes, fried then set aside.
5 ripe bananas,fried


Place all ingredients in a wok. If you have a pressure cooker, so much the better. Set your timer for 30 minutes. See to it that the whole meat is still firm. When the meat is tender, place it first in a platter before pouring the sauce.

Finally, arrange the potatoes, bananas and slice pineapple.

Serve hot or cold. A red wine would be great afterwards. It's the thing called love when you prepare this yummy and savory recipe for your loved ones.

Thank you for dropping by my page and to the sponsors.

Till then,



Ka yummy naman nito Sis pang fiesta na food talaga ito

Tenx sis.

Sarap kainin ang pagkain noypi

Yes po. Parang small version ng litson na may sarsa. Salamat sa pagdalo.

I don't cook very often, but I love to eat. :)

Frying it first before the pressure-cooker sounds interesting, and I hope I get to taste Estofado some day.

Thanks for sharing! 🙏

Yes, it's worth it. Try it! Thanls for dropping by my friend!

My pleasure, thank you for dropping by my page too, I appreciate it! 🙏

Gusto ko magkamay kainin yan with all those huge rice on my plate! Sarap nakakagutom!

Hello day, korek Ka jan tas red wine afterwards. Which reminds of that fried patatas you've prepared gusto ko yon. Thanks!

Ang sarap naman nyan ate. Nakakagutom.

Yes masarap talaga lalo na kung luto ko..:)

Tama po kayo ate. 🤗

that looks so appealing to me!

Indeed it is!

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