A Vegetable recipe

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Hello hivers 💞💞

This is my first post here on this community. As a new hiver I was searching through some communities and found the foodie community where I can post the recipe and all the food I ideally loved and have prepared by myself .

Am quite glad that such a community exist and that I can also search for how to prepare and garnish different types of food from content created by other authors .


Just this afternoon after been extremely famished , I realized I haven't eating vegetables in a long while , so I decided to prepare a lettuce recipe that I have liked since childhood.


  • It is very important to eat more of vegetables because vegetables have enough proteins and minerals that help to rebuild the human body.

Ingredients required for lettuce preparation .



  1. Kulikuli ( A traditional groundnut cake ).
  2. Lettuce
  3. Tomatoes
  4. Onions
  5. Salt
  6. Pepper chilli

Method of preparations

  • Step 1
    Cutting washing and cleaning of my vegetative ingredients




  • Step 2
    Pounding of kulikuli the traditional groundnut cake into power


  • Step 3 Mixing of ingredients
    Here I first added the tomatoes onions to the washed and cleaned lettuce .
    Next I added the powdered kulikuli , pepper chilli and salt to season .



Finally my lettuce receipe is ready for consumption.

On a bloody note though😀, my new kitchen knife can't seem to resist having a go at my fingers with every opportunity it gets.

Thank you all for stopping by.


Looks like a very tasty salad! Careful with the knife!

Yeah, thanks💞

Wow, I wish I can have a taste of this

Sorry dear, last time I checked it was already digesting already😀😀😀