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Hi guys hope I find you all well, yesterday I posted some aerial shots from my trip out in my friend Yohann's Gyrocopter, I didn't show any pictures of the machine and that was no accident, with Friday's theme including white I decided to save these photos for today. As you can see it's a crazy bit of machinery, it has a open cockpit which gives you the feel of flying in a historical aircraft. This is about as much fun as you can have with your clothes on but i'm sure flying naked would add to the experience.




me yo.jpg



Many thanks again to @iamyohann for the amazing day, that's all from me for now I have so many pictures from the flight but they can wait for a day in the future, thanks for taking a look, until next time stay safe folks!

#colorchallenge - Friday theme white initiated by @kalemandra.

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Ohhhh cool.... it looks very.... open...?!! 😮

Yup very open, slightly scary but the best fun ever. The views from up there are out of this world, check out this post I did yesterday. Hope you are well and your little birdies also.

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