Color challenge: Thursdays theme Green. How does your garden grow?

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Hi guys hope you are all well, today is being a bit of a strange one when it comes to the weather, lashing with rain one minute scorching sun the next. I had plans to go into town earlier but i'm going to hold back on that to see if the day dries up before I venture out.

Because of this I thought I would go for a walk around our garden and bring you some of the rich greens that we have on our door step, so without further ado this is the view from here front and rear.

From the front of the house we have a stunning view across the bay with the mountains in the distance, today the sky is looking moody over there.




A pretty amazing vista to gaze upon i'm sure you will agree, to the rear of the property it is more dense with a jungle feel about it, thick with Nipa palms which are used largely as a roofing material here.



Thanks for dropping by hope you enjoyed my garden, until we meet again stay safe folks!

#colorchallenge - Thursdays theme Green, initiated by @kalemandra.


scorchio and sunny now

Can't make it's mind up, was nearly on our way down there when the heavens opened may bob down later.

It was a pretty weird morning, I was about to do laundry then changed my mind when it started pouring. Now it's like nothing happened. Beautiful garden you have there ah and the pool.

Turned out nice now, may get to go out and about later, nice garden shame about the landlord:)

Having read your posts about the landlord, I'm curious to know what he looks like so I know who to avoid in the grocery aisles of the supermarket 🙂

Doubt you would bump into him there he spends his day between here and his building site.

Yes, good to know :)

Damn... I can't even imagine living in such a beautiful place. It literally sums up all my needs to be connected with nature. Love it!!!

It's very nice here but with the lush green of the tropics comes a lot of bugs so you would have to be careful with allergies. The best of the nature here is under the water in my opinion.

Such beautiful landscapes ... I wonder if I will ever be able to visit such places ... (

I'm sure it will happen for you dude, you just have to get on a plane:) Not easy at the moment but things will improve.

Thanks for the encouragement, I hope so!)