COLOR CHALLENGE: Todays theme Orange, bronze and fiery colours.

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Today I bring you a mix of all the colour groups after a spell of motorcycle based posts i'm going to take you back under water.

Red sea lion fish.


Red sea goldies.

fissh (2).JPG

I think this could be called bronze.

yell fis.jpg

Fiery sea fan.

pink fan.jpg

Mantis shrimp explosion of colour.

pea sh (2).JPG

Thanks for dropping by to take a look, see you all soon and stay safe folks!


That shrimp looks amazing!
Looks like he got his eyes closed :)

They are open, they have the most complex eyes in the animal kingdom, really amazing creature.


Oh my, that shrimp.... Very colorful!

Stunning looking thing aren't they, one of my favorite things to spot.

Are they really that colorful or is it partly the reflection of light?

They really are that bright, the tail end looks like a peacock with blue feathers, probably the most colourful thing I have seen in the ocean.

Wow..... I can only imagine😍😍

Wow really amazing and very beautiful!!!

Thanks there's some great colours among that lot don't you think:)