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Here in the tropics with a abundance of sun and rain everything grows fast, every day there is something new bursting into bloom. At the moment there seems to be a lot of pinks in varying shades from shocking to pastel, so for today's challenge purple will have to wait in the side lines while I throw the focus on pink.


cc4 (2).jpg


cc2 (2).jpg


Thanks for stopping by and taking a peek, until next time stay safe folks!

#colorchallenge - Sunday Pink and Purple by @kalemandra.


Awesome blooms and it is nice to look closely at the other side of the world through the blockchain!


Quite a few blooms way up north here too and I think you should consider participating the the #gardenjournal blogging with all that blooming around you.

Nice work dood!

Thanks, I will check out #gardenjournal, I was due to spend a couple of months back in my other home the UK this summer but as it was for many things went a bit mad so staying here for a while longer.