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Hi guys and gals it seems i'm hooked on flowers at the moment but today I noticed that it's not just me that's enjoying them. While snapping off a couple of shots I noticed a few critters were hiding away in the blooms. I took a close up of one flower and a wider angle of the whole plant.



When I went in a bit closer, I found this little chap relaxing on the stem of one of the flowers.


This beauty was giving off a nice display.


But elsewhere on the plant it was under attack from ants that seemed to be having a nice meal.


So it seems i'm not alone in my appreciation of these flowers but as nice as they look I wasn't tempted to eat any of them.


That's a cool looking bug in the middle pic, any idea what it is?

I haven't got a clue, fish I know about but land based critters i'm at a loss. One thing for sure there's no shortage of bugs here in the tropics.

One thing for sure there's no shortage of bugs here in the tropics

Great for photography, terrible in so many other ways. While I am renovating this old place, I am constantly thankful I am not doing it in the Australian tropics :D

Yup, the bugs eat their way through everything here.

Building work is hard enough without the heat and humidity, i'm supposed to be back in the UK working on my property but keep having my flights cancelled. By the time i get back there winter will be on it's way and i'm not looking forward to that.

I am more worried about putting my hands in the dark where there are snakes and especially spiders :D

Had to evict this bugger from my bedroom last night, never been a fan of spiders.


ah, a little huntsman. I hate spiders.... so much.

Little to you compared to the Ausie ones but big and fast enough for me.