ColorChallenge MondayRed - Red Polka and Heart Dotted Set

in hive-122101 •  2 months ago 

Place - Ošterija Žogica - Solkan, Slovenia.

Spotted yesterday while having a delicious pizza at their terrace.

Tea pots, milk can, enamel, white dots and hearts on red surface.

Better and better

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"Spotted yesterday while having a delicious pizza at their terrace."

Nice that you could do that during these times. Hehe. Lucky.

Nice indeed.

We have a sort of mixed situation here in Slovenia. Officially, epidemic is over, whatever that was.

Some measures are still in force. Restaurants may accept guests while taking all necessary precautions -whatever that is, again.

In short, we try to live our lives as normal as possible.

Nice catch, Ervin! Reminds me on my childhood summers at the time when I spent it in the countryside.

Btw, would you mind if I ask what camera do you use?

Hvala :)

It's an ordinary smartphone - Xiaomi Mi Max 2. And I am embarrassed to add that processing is done in Google Photos :)

I do have a proper pocket camera - Sony something. Yet I always forget to take it with me.

Oh, come on, there is nothing to be embarrassed about. If the shot by itself wasn't good as it is, no matter which processing app you would use, wouldn't change or help much. Right?! 😉

Right :)

It's just that I really said to myself several times in the last weeks: "You should start using a real camera!"

This one:

I intentionally bought an old model to carry with me on the runs and hikes. I'll start using it now.

I'll wait for the photos! 😉 😀