Problem Solving : The Right Way to Deal With Troubled Students

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Students who have problems at school not always interpreted as students who show attitude or behavior deviates from school procedures and regulations. These problems include various aspects that have links with the development and progress of students. Be it the learning process at school and also their activities at home, and concerning their learning outcomes.

Before overcoming problems that arise from students, the teacher or school must first know what type of problem they are doing. In general, there are two types of problems that are often created by students, namely:

Discipline issues
The problem that often arises in all schools is, student discipline learning problems. Many students are undisciplined in school, especially in participating in learning activities. For example late coming to class, often skipping, annoying friends, and other deviant behavior

Problem Learning Outcomes
Learning outcomes are often a reference of grades, good students can have satisfying results, because their learning process is not satisfying. they are often moody not focusing on the teacher who is teaching and so forth.

  • Persuasive Handling

Often we find steps taken by teachers in schools in dealing with problem students is based on emotions and also the rules of the school. It's good if he takes action based on the rules, but still have to consider various other aspects, so that the actions taken do not exceed the norm.


Even though the student has problems, the actions taken must also have empathy and compassion. Besides involving parents is also one of the most important things to solve problems created by students. Involving parents does not mean having to call them to school, communication via telephone can be the right choice, with a note that the problem is not too heavy. The teacher must first understand what problems are made, then they can find out the root of the act so it's easy to finish it.

  • Guidance and counseling
    In solving problems with the counseling method, The teacher does not give any sanctions to students, in this case the method used is more to a psychological approach and healing efforts using existing techniques.

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