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Adegoke was an intelligent boy who always came first in class by studying his book. Many teachers loved him for his intelligence and always made him an example all students should follow not only because of his sound mind but because he was obedient and respectful.

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Parents gave him gifts just so he could be a friend to their kids, many mothers always advised their children to emulate him and be good like him. Father flogged their sons because they felt they should be friends with people like Adegoke.

Adegoke was given the head prefect of the school and always advised the other students about the good and the bad things. He always prayed with them and shared his things equally with all who came to beg from him.

Later, Adegoke joined this group of friends in a bid to change them but then things began to change drastically for him. Teachers began to notice Adegoke’s nonchalance attitudes towards studies.

He was never in classes or always disturbing the class when there is a teacher in the class. He never responds in the class and was never concentrating. He always jumped through the window when the teacher comes closer to him to deal with him because of his attitude.

The next day, a teacher was passing by an empty class in the school compound when he perceived the smell of alcohol and cigarettes but before he could make an inquiry about who was taking such substance on the school premises, Adegoke and his group of gangs fled the sight.

The teacher went the next day and reported the incident saying he was suspecting Adegoke to be among the boys who were taking such substance in the school. The principal couldn’t say anything as he never expected such an act of misconduct from Adegoke as he noticed the drastic change of Adegoke since he joined those groups of miscreants.

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Adegoke was called by the principal and was advised about his behavior but all fell on deaf ears as Adegoke no longer listens to anybody again. Things were going out of hands as the school management taught of what to do to save Adegoke from these bad friends he got himself into but all to no avail.

One day, Adegoke jumped out of the school compound like he used to do with his other gang and was walking with them when they were stopped by some policemen who suspected those group of friends to be the wanted suspects who robbed a house along the streets.

Adegoke was arrested with this group of friends and every plea from Adegoke about been innocent fell on deaf ears and none of the boys were ready to testify of Adegoke’s innocence.

Adegoke’s parents and the school management were sent to testify to Adegoke’s innocence but the school management refused to say, saying Adegoke needs to pay the price of joining bad gangs.

Although he has pleaded innocence, the court sentenced Adegoke to 5years imprisonment while the other boys were sentenced to life imprisonment.

Adegoke learned his lessons and swore while in prison to be careful with how he associates with people once he was given freedom out of the prison. He was full of shame as he could not look at his parents or teachers in the eyes because of what joining bad friends has caused him.


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