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The dog is a domestic animal. The dog has been the best companion of man. It is even considered has the first domesticated animal.
Its belongs to the kingdom of Animalia which means it belong to animal kingdom, phylum of chordata which means it has backbone, class of mammalia that is its a mammal, order of carnivora, family of canidae, genus of Canis and species of canis lupus.
Just like most animals, the dog has four legs which are very strong and can be used to run very fast. Its head is long with two well positioned eyes. It can see short and long distance objects. Its sense of smell is very high no wonder soldiers use them in search of person and items because can perceive what human cannot perceive. Their tail could be long or short which they wag to their owners or when they are happy. They have different colours ranging from brown, black and white. Some might have two colors which makes them more beautiful.


The dogs have great usefulness to man. They are some dogs that help hunters to hunt. They are very fast, active and strong. Some dogs helps in guarding property of their owners. Whenever the owners are not around they prevent intruders or thieves inside the house. Such dogs are intelligent, big and strong. Some help in the farm to guard the animals from straying. Some ate also used to detect criminals and hard drugs in people luggage. Such dogs can be seen in seaport and airport.

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Caring for the dog is very important. They need good food, clean water, care and their environment must be neat most especially their kernel- their house. They need to be taken to the vetenary doctor from time to time to prevent them from having rabies. Rabies is a very dangerous diseases that affects the dogs. When the dog is not taken care of it can bite and transfer rabies to people.
The dog is really and indeed human companion and they are loyal to their owner. The dog are really useful and they must be taken care of properly.

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