Communication through pictures.

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One of the most important social functions of art is communication. Art is a universal language. There is no nation in the world where the language of art can not be understood. But, verbal or written languages may pose some problems for two adjacent nations to understand. The superiority of communication through picture over verbal or written communication is that the picture present the whole idea all at once. But words take a longer time to be understood. They have to be spoken one by one. This may be the reason why the Chinese philosopher asserted that a good picture saves a thousand words.

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The use of pictures for communication is believed to predate verbal communication. Certainly, it predates the written form. As a matter of fact, most of the letter forms we use in writing today derive their origin from the pictorial prototype. The Egyptian hieroglyphics was purely picture writing and our present day alphabets owe their to origin to it.

So in this post you are going to learn about how pictures can be used to communication ideas and to provide information to viewers.

Different ways by which pictures can be used in communication

There are so many ways by which human beings communicate with one another. Communication is done through speech - either verbal or written. It done through the use of gestures and symbols. Communication can also take place through some other secret ways developed by members of the same society. For example, communication takes the form of signalling in the army. Communication takes place also through the use of pictures.

The use of the pictures for the purpose of communication is universal. The language of pictures is understood everywhere all over the world. Whereas a word can be interpreted into different meanings among different people.

Pictures are used to communicate in different ways. picture speaks in silence and does so very effectively.

=>> pictures are used to give information to the public. Here the functions of billboards and posters cannot be under estimated. They give information about manufactured products, events, etc. I can still remember the impact made by a poster which read 'DRINK A PINT OF MILK A DAY'.

=>> Pictures are used to show directions. Your mind should flash back to signboards name plates etc. Which direct and pilot us to our destinations.

=>> pictures are use to keep records. Many pictures by great artists in the past are documentary in nature. We still look at them to remind us what life used to be in the past. Egyptian murals are records of their dead Pharaohs.

=>> Pictures are used to correct social ills. You might have been accustomed to posters, handouts, and leaflets on the evil effect of taking drugs, driving recklessly etc. They remind us of the bad habits and their consequences.

=>> Pictures are use to satirize. At this juncture the position of cartoons cannot be underrated. Even though cartoons might be very entertaining because they clothed with humour. But very deep reflection on them reveals that they are very informing and educative.

=>> Pictures are used in formal education too, the important of wall charts, diagrams and graphic illustrations must not be underrated In the classroom situation. In informal education too, pictures play a leading role all because of the inherent attributes of being easily comprehended.

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In conclusion the use of pictures as a medium of communication had been embraced from the dawn of history. It is still very prominent and it will still feature prominently as long as people still intend to communicate with themselves.

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