Let's talk about the advice that neuroscience gives about learning

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Learning is an essential part of our lives, since we are in our mother's womb we are learning, we never stop learning, that is why it is interesting to know the influence that our brain has on the way we learn, for this neuroscience explains how our brain contributes to the way we learn everything, apart from this perhaps we can also take advantage of the way in which neuroscience teaches us how we can learn to learn.

Many of us know and understand what it is to learn, however it becomes a little more difficult to understand how we can be part of a teaching so that other people learn to learn.

It is under this scenario of difficulty to understand how to teach other people to learn to learn when neuroscience takes a fundamental role, since under neuroscience we can have a series of cognitive processes that are fundamental for the acquisition of knowledge.

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According to neuroscience, how does the human brain learn?

According to research conducted by neuroscience, it has been concluded that the human brain does not give satisfactory answers to a learning product of a series of repetitions, but on the contrary, our brain is positively activated to learn when what we are trying to learn we put into practice through a consolidation of different factors such as:

  • Dynamism: if what we are learning is the product of a set of movements that constantly reaffirm our learning, then it could be well fixed by our brain.

  • Innovation: when we force our brain to learn by being creative and inventing along the way of learning, then what we are learning will hardly be forgotten.

  • Let our emotions take part: it is necessary that when we want to learn we let positive emotions come to us, it is like looking for the way that there is a constant stimulus that makes us motivate us in our learning.

The conclusion of the case is that if we want our brain to be activated to learn, we must generate a learning that is not triggered by a set of repetitions, but rather linking it with experiences and practices that lead us to a dynamism of activation.


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