Materials needed for teaching small children

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Teaching children begins at home. They start to learn how to speak and later on begin to draw lines or scribble on walls and wherever they find it interesting. This interest can be channeled properly with the help of a few materials.

  • bright color paper
  • notebooks
  • coloring books
  • alphabet learning books with coloring space
  • crayons
  • color pencils
  • craft sets which may include art and craft meant for toddlers
  • toy alphabet set
  • mini blackboard
  • slate

Do be careful to supervise the children when they play with all the stuff because they could try to eat something and to prevent such hazards, adult supervision is always necessary.

Children should also be taught to pronounce words and you can also read aloud to them and make them use their fingers to point out to pictures while reading stories.

They will learn to talk only if adults talk to them and also they will catch words easily. So, be careful to use good words and also if you are pleasant all the time when you are with them, it will make them more happy and positive and good-natured and brave.

The first five years of a child are the most crucial.

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I face a lot of trouble to teach small aged children's 😐

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