Stop False Politics! Children is Dying

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The term politics, which was used for understanding between countries, has become a dictatorial term and a monopoly on some figures who have made politics an instrument of oppression and tyranny.
Politics has monopolized a group of rich men called politicians whose only concern is to gain power. Politics has become from a tool for governance and negotiations to a dictatorship.
I am not leading a revolution against politics, but it seems that the abuse of power in the name of politics is what motivated me to write this article. If politics is a justification for oppression and tyranny, we must not be silent.

For example, if the ruler does not amend or distribute wealth fairly, the eternal justification for it is that this is part of the state’s policy. And that any decision issued is within the policy of the state and it is not permissible to object to that, unless you object to the state itself and not to its policy.


How did the policy of some countries lead to decay?

We will not mention any examples here, but we will tell the witness of the matter, which is the blind pursuit of the so-called state policy that led to many wrong and arrogant decisions by the ruling class.
And the lack of flexibility in the amendment and lack of independence in the decision had a major role in the retreat of some countries from their position among nations, as well as was a cause of the poverty that prevailed.
So let's talk from a neutral standpoint and see if the lack of flexibility in adjusting the policy is the right decision or not. Sometimes the inflexible policy was the reason for the destruction of many countries and the killing of millions of people. Here we talk about the policy of colonial states or as some call them the policy of expansionist states.

Politicians between dictatorship and phantom democracy

If there is a group of politicians who manage the affairs of any country, they are a proportion that does not exceed about 1% of the population, but less. Nevertheless, they had the greatest victory in obtaining control and high prestige among all until the so-called People's Assembly, which was a solution of democracy, came back. The word is in the hands of the people, but the politicians soon extended their control over the People's Assembly as well, and that node was in the saw.
Also, the members of the People's Assembly wanted to join the upper class of politicians, and they started taking their steps
While the right of the people was lost on the way between them.

So what is the solution?

The solution, first and foremost, lies in the thought itself and the return of the concept that the political man, whether he is a minister or party leader or the like, is only an employee like him, like a doctor and a worker, and any other man in the state who does his job and his mission only. And we were satisfied with the fake pretension to them and giving them unrelated powers because he is an employee of the people who plays his role and then gets his salary from the people's money from taxes and local production.
Therefore, changing the mind is the objective and reasonable solution. As for the material solution that we must take, it is stripping them of the powers that are in excess of their rights. Rather, they are treated like any member of the people.
And let us look at children and famines and pay attention to education and industry and what benefits from far from flimsy politics.


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