Busted! Obama knew about Hillary's russian plot.

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Well now.

Isn't this interesting that Obama knows what was going on.

I have been saying this for a long time that there is no way this could have been hidden from the president and with Hillary and Obama being so tight this was absolutely knowledge that they shared in between each other.

You have to realize that these individuals are friends behind the scenes and empower and enable each other.

The 8 years of Obama were some of the worst for scandals issues and of course our economy.

Now these documents are coming out that are showing everything and everything is way more than we understand.

Like the president had direct knowledge and even commented on the situation.

This sets up collusion between Obama and Hillary who was hand-picked and even though massive fraud happened still she ended up losing.

Yep Hillary couldn't even win a rigged election and had to bring up this interesting idea of Russian collusion.

Could we talk about Hillary's funding from China and the NWO? How about big business and corporations throwing the Clinton foundation massive amounts of money?

how about we just talk about the 33,000 emails on a private server that were deleted and all of this is about to be made public here very soon.

Well what should we do about this situation... How about we mail Hillary Clinton to a fundamentalist Islamic country and drop her off without a Visa.

I'm sure that Libya or Syria would work wonderfully because the people of both those countries would love to have a conversation with her.

And it would save the American taxpayers massive amounts of money.

Although she is not doing so hot and the dementia is kicking in.

And for Bernie got kicked to the curb twice and could have challenged Donald Trump if there hadn't been this political game going on for control of the United States White House.

Well now that Hillary is finally getting confronted for her actions the American people were screwed over by having her as the Secretary of State.

The people of the United States deserve the truth and knowledge of what exactly happened during all of this political and for justice to be served.

And this is just starting to uncover the tip of the iceberg. From here there are so many crimes that need to be addressed but the American people need Justice and for the truth to come out. We need a government that is free of corruption and evil.

Americans are going to be outraged at the thought of these kinds of crimes being committed so freely by our elected officials.

I do not believe for a second that Hillary rodham Clinton was the only person involved in this.

And on top of it how much damage was done to our justice system and other bureaucratic institutions that crimes like these have gone unchallenged for so long.

My only issue is that whatever years she has left are short and she is not really going to be mentally there to serve her sentence even if she was to be arrested convicted and sentenced to prison.

let alone then you've also got Bill and Chelsea who are complicit in her crimes.


Weak and fake news. It is so clear that Trump is a puppet of Putin.

Show me how.....

Under Trump Assad grew stronger, Iran got 4 years withou sanctions (beside the little show for election now), US lifted sanctions of Russia (without media coverage) and Belarus faked elections went by with no response from the US. This is not the free world leadership, this is Putin pulling the string and Trump is the stupid puppet

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