Journalism as it should be ....

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I belong - unfortunately - to a generation without professors in the professional sense of the word, a generation that entered the Egyptian press in the beginnings of the most difficult stage ever, the stage in which the name of the journalist on "Syndicate Karneh" became the greatest benefit of having the same name in a real professional singular.

The stage where the most important achievement of any journalist is to cross safely from before the (registration committee) twice in succession until the state recognizes you as a journalist, and if readers refrain from ratifying this recognition.

The absence of the teachers was certainly not comprehensive, there were many who were trying to help according to their capabilities and the sites they occupy in the map of national institutions, where private newspapers were not present in such intensity in the mid-nineties.

However, the situation with, lessons that cannot be easily obtained by students of media colleges in Egyptian universities, or given by a department head in a newspaper or magazine, each of his mission is to implement what we were assigned to be precise, whatever the benefit of this assignment.

Hence the first lesson, it is not important that you write in a large newspaper that facilitates access to the wide sector of readers. The most important thing is to be honest with yourself and with your readers of whatever number, then the reader will search for you and reach you anywhere and by all means.
The pronouns that died are looking for pronouns whose owners welcome the same fate to complete the path of injustice that “Mahmoud Awad” has benefited a lot.

The journalist should be able to give even to those in his professional career, follow his students and praise their distinguished work even those who have stopped approaching him, and be ashamed when someone praises his distinguished articles and respectable positions .. But the urgent question: Does the teacher’s students repeat the same act with the new journalists? Do they discover talents away from political and celestial affiliations and personal interests? Or were they satisfied with what they learned and stopped at this point because they do not have the ability to give as they did to this one who taught us (journalism as it should be)? .


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