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RE: Coronavirus Hoax: Resistance to Lies and Censorship [eng/срп] Коронапревара: Отпор лажима и цензури

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Because it is CIA and Big Pharma operation, and not China. US Government has known full year ahead of ‘pandemic’ and it can easily be verified under the CARES Act in this text, for example: COVID-19 — Plandemic Plunder and a ‘Second Wave’


Add to that that China is a for-profit, foreign-owned corporation, just like United States, owned by the same Ones, who use Their "countries" to create discord, disgruntlement, hatred, and of course war, which profits Them greatly.  So the country of origin of the duping is irrelevant; They can use whichever corporation They want to.  But yes...  They planned this decades ago, putting the final touches on within the year before.