Where did the fight against the false news reach?

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You can't often tell where it started. It is sufficient only for someone to publish news on a communication platform, carrying false information, as false news acquires time with strength that holds together even before the campaigns of denial that are subsequently launched against it, perhaps because lying always carries more excitement than what the truth holds.

Social media platforms were able to make information and news available to everyone, away from the control of governments and their media platforms, and other popular media pages and platforms were a mass weapon confronting the regular media machine that demonized protesters and accused them of employment.

Returning to what was provided by social media platforms, its positive role does not obscure the fact that it has become a major global source of rumors and false news or less fabricated, which necessitated the establishment of initiatives to reduce them.

Combating false news

Some parties have initiated social media pages that are intended to check news, correct it if necessary, and aim to correct some officials ’statements to reach them with precision that allows the formation of public opinion based on audited facts.

Other independent pages whose essay is embodied in a set of questions that determine the extent of the news commitment to professionalism and its distance from misinformation and propaganda.

These efforts come in light of the spread of the phenomenon of spreading false news through the means of communication, which has become a source from which citizens draw their daily news, in the era of "citizen journalist".

But the question remains pending: When can these efforts of an independent nature in the world work in coordination with each other, to constitute a safe haven to verify the news or the statement, or is the source of its strength in focusing on its local and internal affairs without taking any greater form?

Google and YouTube .. Attempts to limit the spread of lies

Initiatives were broader and efforts united. In March 2018, the global company Google, which owns YouTube, announced an initiative called the “Google News Initiative” and plans to spend $ 300 million over the next three years, in an initiative to support reliable journalism As a step to combat the epidemic of misinformation, but this did not put an end to the spread of this news and did not prevent fears from increasing its impact.

The European Commission also addressed the officials of "Facebook", "Google" and "Twitter" to take decisive measures against the spread of fake news and limit the emergence of sites that promote the transmission of misleading information. Nevertheless, the European Commission is still seeking to compel the three companies to take additional measures to ensure full transparency while the scandal of fraud and voter guidance during the recent US elections remains stuck in mind.

In early 2018, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg came out with statements confirming his work and his team to create a healthy environment for communication between people after turning Facebook into a healthy environment for users was not what his founder mentioned, but the goal was to analyze the personalities of users through what they like and what they follow , And even through their conversations, use it to post ads.

So, the campaign that was launched under the slogan "making Facebook a more humane site" later turned out to attach great importance to its commercial purpose, and here the question arises about the seriousness and sincerity of the campaigns and may contradict political and commercial interests that certainly have priority in closed rooms, while the slogans The sparkle is woven in the open.

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