Can The Reviews Be Added to The Journalism?

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Sections of the current Journalism

Although there are many sections in the press that include sports, accidents, news, art, and so on, I have never found a newspaper in one of the departments reviewing a product, movie or game, for example.
Since the emergence of the press from more than a century ago, there have been permanent sections that have not changed, and I have noticed over time that there is no renewal in the press as if they are walking the principle of not changing your plan if it is successful.
So why, for example, are we not looking for greater success? Is this due to the competition between newspapers that have become more intense? Since my birth there were very few newspapers, maybe two or more, and everyone had to buy those newspapers, but now the situation is different, so we have dozens of newspapers and magazines.
No one wants to take the risk of putting a new section and increasing the number of papers in his newspaper so that the audience does not get bored, and no one wants to risk removing one of the sections.


The main goal of the Journalism

The press, which used to play a major role in spreading awareness among people and transmitting credibility decades ago, before the TV was released and before the Internet.
We used to wake up daily to buy the daily newspaper so that we know what happened around the world, but now it is sufficient for you to open your phone in order to click on the screen and find the world around you.
The role of the press became a little this time, and some newspapers turned to electronic work instead of issuing paper.
However, there is no objection to renewing the press and working to add new things to it, nor is it for newspapers to dispense with exaggerated profits and publish newspapers for citizens at a cheaper price until people return to the Old Testament untainted by false news that filled the Internet.


Review is an essential part before purchasing

The importance of the reviews is increasing day by day, but the researchers resort to paying money to obtain these reviews
The value of the review is related to its findings and the parts available.
Why did you want to put the review into the newspaper sections?
I know that many websites are specialized in reviewing products, movies and games.
And the review became an essential part for any person before accepting to buy any product lice. If I wanted to buy a new phone, I would open YouTube to watch several phone reviews so that I know the experience of the former in using it, so say that I pay the money.
The same applies to restaurants, hotels, and many other places before the products.
But perhaps what is on my mind about the main reason that might prevent newspapers from publishing product reviews is that they will not be met with a great ovation from companies, especially that any review must include negatives, which may cause inconvenience to some of the companies producing, but may resort to the courts for defamation of their products.
Although I do not find a defect in mentioning the negatives of a product, this gives credibility to the buyer and may accept these defects, we would have said that companies will know the errors contained in the product and are looking to treat them.


The review may attract more readers

Adding a section to the review in the newspaper will attract a huge amount of readers, especially if this review adheres to neutrality and credibility towards what is published.
And that the author of the article rely on a real experience of the product and on opinions and questionnaires received from users.
Include review images in product review feeds, letting customers see your products through images posted by previous customers wearing or using your products.
When the reader feels the credibility of what is published, he will rush to buy the newspaper every day.
But we must make an important point that over time, credibility must continue and reviews do not follow the material advertising system as some companies pay to publish positive reviews of their products without the most sincere sincerity.
Neutrality here is a very important element in the continued attraction of readers.


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