The Platform Review - Survival Instinct Leads to Eat Human Flesh

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It has been about a week since my last writing.
Actually I was very busy until I watched a movie that motivated me to come back to write reviews again.
In fact, I have never seen a regular action, fighting, or comedy film from a familiar genre.
But this film calls for reflection, calls for a reconsideration of the world and within us.
It is "The Platform" (in Spanish: El Hoyo) is a Spanish science fiction movie, directed by Galdere Gustillo.
It was written by creators David Desola; Pedro Rivero.

I will Post today Using Deep Dives Community as First Time.


The story of the movie

The movie begins with a person who wakes up from sleep to find himself in a closed room with two pits, one on the ceiling and the other on the floor, and on the other side of the room he finds an old person with no signs of surprise and exclamation at all.
The hero Iván Massagué looks to the bottom hole to find an infinite number of holes of the same size
And above is the same.
Hero Göring gets surprised by the matter and begins asking his friend in the room who begins to tell him little by little.
Göring soon finds out after the “food platform” comes down that this building or as they call it in the movie “The Hole”
Consisting of several floors over 150 floors, the platform descends from the top number one floor loaded with delicious food for a certain period and then moves to the lower floor after the owners of the lower floor eat it. The rest of the food moves to the next floor and so on until it reaches almost to the last floor.
The bottom line is that the residents of the lower floors eat the rest of the top until the food is destroyed after which the residents of the floors have only two options: either to commit suicide or to kill each other to feed on human flesh!


The dilemma is here

We call it the "vertical center for self-management," as one of those responsible for people entering the crater said, after she voluntarily came to her to fall with Göring in the same room.
All residents of the upper floors are supposed to take only a little food that is sufficient for simple calories and then the next one
To get food to the basement.
However, this does not happen at all. Food and food are wasted by its purchase until almost all food is destroyed from the 50th floor.
Everyone below does not find even the crumbs of food, and this continues to be the case for a month ...!
So what do you expect? Indeed, the struggle for survival begins with each person in the room of each of them, trying to survive himself and killing the other. Absent here social solidarity and annihilating solidarity.

Graphic and photography

Here special thanks to the graphic engineers for this great work and the ultimate in construction that seems so realistic.
Photography was a model for completing creativity in the movie. Each scene had its own distinctive shots in terms of zooming in and out, transparency of the shots, and vibration of the image.
The entire work is very creative as well, so let's not forget the acoustics that affect the course of the movie that made us live with the feelings in the film from:

  • The sound of screams
  • Gas sound
  • Weapons
    All of these factors have been woven together to produce this great work.



  • The hero of the movie, Ivan Massagué, played a very big role in the success of the film, as it represents a mysterious character at the beginning, and then he surrendered to reality like everyone but returns to lead the struggle against the regime.
    Representative performance reflects a civilized, cultured person who rejects injustice, tries to conform to the existing system, but soon his / her culture and culture prevent him from doing so and return as he was.
    I think Evan appeared in a lot of previous works that made him a symbol of this movie.
  • zorion eguileor represents the role of the old man who seeks to survive and preserve his life even if everyone is run over by him, he works in this film like a snake that tries to show its innocence and hide its tusks.
  • alexandra masangkay The character who throughout the film was looking for her young daughter until they described her as mad at killing like the rest, but the viewer sympathetic to her as they pushed the instinct of motherhood.
  • emilio buale coka The brown-skinned man who was driven by despair to lead the struggle for freedom.


Film reflection review

The film is for me to a group of people searching for food and killing each other, but the film calls for looking at the class in the world, for everyone to look at the lowest working class who are trying to find food only while you are stuck in bliss.
It also calls us not to give in to bitter reality, even if your life is the price, but you have to refuse humiliation and submission.
The film also calls for the rejection of racism among people. Those who revolutionized and fought against the regime are black and white men
We are all partners in this world.
Finally a little girl delivers the message to the world: "There are children dying here."


In the end, thanks to the creative writers David Desola; Pedro Rivero

Images Source

Thank you


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