Success is a 2-way Street - Re-Engineering the Power Dynamics of Crypto

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Don't simp to power


Become the power!!!

The way of legacy media is behind us. Let us lay the practices of old to rest.


If you came here for the revolution, why them do so many replicate the patterns of old?

Forming of cartels or cliques

Reminiscent of high school days, no doubt.

The problem is that our world was much smaller before crypto and the liberty it allegedly espouses. We forget that we, ourselves, are keepers of this vision.

Yet we do not practice what we preach

Rather than sounding the trumpet of actual freedom, we sound the gong of our machinations of power against those we hitherto designate as "the greater fools"

How did it come to this???

confirmation bias.gif

We all have meandered our way or been coerced in some way or another to the wide open door that is blockchain. Good chance you were not alone in that journey.

The desire to fit on with ones group is cardinal to many. There is no incentive to be contrarian when you just get along with others.

But sometimes it is what we must do...

That, my friends, is what I contend we must do together that the truth may be given witness. Success is the revelation thereof and we find ourselves precariously caught in a highway of opposing ideas.

Therefore, we MUST support one another.

Stand together. I am not a leader in the traditional sense of the word but I am leader of sorts . One that deals in ideas and ideals foreign to the superficial world from which they are born. Normal people do slumber but..

We get ready to work!

For the truth which behooves all through a diligent striving and sharing of ideas that evade the mainstream...

..Naysayers think they have a lock on reality but, in reality, the only thing they have a lock on is..


Their own mind

These kind concern themselves with outward appearance while forsaking the truth. The understand not the metaphysical and ontological realities of a mind unbound.

Break off these shackles

Join me in my trek through this chaotic street and we will intersect at the inevitable truth.


"If you came here for the revolution, why them do so many replicate the patterns of old?"

Good question, I just do my own things, am part of a ton of groups see who I gel with or not and know when to say no......if you give an inch people take a mile and unless they are actively doing things for me other than "nice post" I just am cordial and have no ill will but know that I'd never do serious biz or initiatives with them , it's really that simple. I love reading and writing but Hive has other aspects that I like just as much if not more as well as meeting other INVESTORS, that's where I drop the fluff talk and stop the b.s. , because a lot of stuff is b.s. just like fiat and the 'real world'. Hive has some amazing people and groups on it and things that branch out on their own merit.op/ed


Why can't I cross post into black sheep bloggers? (are you crosspost-ist?)
All about the BS!

I have no clue, hmmmm, I just have a basic community set up and write on peakd , def not crosspost-ist, maybe somebody reading this will know the answer cause me no know :('s a conspiracy!!!!
I use peaked to, and can cross post in other communities....

There is no incentive to be contrarian when you just get along with others.

I've been fighting this fight since I joined (steem), for years...Did you read my post before I posted it ?

Think we are "mining" on the same hill so to speak.⛏️

It does become taxing to try to reason with these certain types of folks because ultimately rationality doesn't appeal. They have worldviews that are hopelessly distorted by what I would call "vain philosophies".

Such that would elevate one virtue by lowering another. As you said, nothing is free.

Interesting and thought-provoking post.

Had to update due to YT shenanigans. Apparently the don't take kindly to embedded sources.

well ain't that some bullshit

Such is the way of the world lest we change it.

Rather than be a microcosm of what is.

We create a hope of what could be.

Thank you @battleaxe for impressing upon me that importance via the black sheep movement of which any can call home!