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I read this yesterday then forgot to comment! I always enjoy seeing your garden posts. So glad you were still able to get so much going even with all the lockdown stuff. I had only just recently learned about some of your tomato pruning tips after my dad mentioned something, so I need to get out in my own garden and prune them back a bit more. It really is a lot of work to keep that much going, but so rewarding to enjoy the fruits of the labor!

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I'm a bit late with replies. So that is how it's called, pruning?
You need to do it asap to save the nutrients and stop those wild branches from growing. It's a good technique, you'll see, you'll get more fruits this way. Let me know :)

What a coincidence, I just braved all the voracious mosquitoes this morning and did a good bit of pruning. Yes, that's what we call it anyway when you cut back the excess branches or leaves of bushes and the like. I actually found quite a few fruits hiding behind some of the really bushy spots, so seems we have more growing than I thought.