Need dismantle the land

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Hello lovely friends!
Today I wake up for. Sundays are an opportunity to see the rice fields for longer. I wake up at 04.30. After praying, I drank plain water and then immediately got ready to go to the rice fields. It was still quite early morning and I had the opportunity to take pictures of the sunny morning. The sun on the eastern horizon still hasn't risen. Only a tinge of golden orange light colored the sky.

When I got to the rice fields, I saw a beautiful view. The green nature of Indonesia, which has fertile soil, makes me feel grateful. I immediately went around the rice fields past the embankments. The rice plants that were already taller looked fresh and fertile. I hope the harvest this time will bring good results.

After seeing the rice growing well, I switched to a long bean plant that needed to be dismantled. Old bean plants are no longer productive. Instead of taking care of them again but the results were meager, I planned to destroy this land. This is a more effective way, as well as for plant rejuvenation.

I plan to replace it with luffa. However, to plant luffa I had to clean the old long bean tree trunks. I have to cut the long bean vines that are creeping and clear them from the bed. I used a sickle to cut the long bean stalks. Apart from the long bean stalks there are also weeds that must be cleaned. This will be the land where I will plant luffa.

I cut these long bean stalks shorter and collected. Although they cannot be consumed, these long bean stalks can still be used as animal feed. I take it to the cow shed and can feed them.


After finishing part of the work I could see the lanjaran which had no long beans. I still need land improvement, including fixing the plastic for heartburn so that later the luffa I planted doesn't have too many weeds.


I took the long bean stalks to the cow shed. I feel happy because some work is done and I can also bring feed for the cows that we do raise. So we feel that we are doing one job but giving results that are also beneficial for other beings.

Thank you for reading my post. I hope you enjoy it.


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