QOTW: In what ways is living off grid the answer to the many consequences of coronavirus?

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In what ways is living off grid the answer to the many consequences of coronavirus?


Living offgrid is a wonderful journey one can experience. You get disconnected to the crowd, pollution, political and negativity around you. You will be in harmony with nature and going back to the basics where our roots are. Nature will be closer to you, with fresh air, fresh foods and low cost of living, minimizing the risk of contracting this virus.

Offgrid living offers us to become self reliant and self sustainable. We can grow or hunt our own food. We develop important life skills that are needed for survival. With peace and tranquility absorbed by our body, I believe our wellness and being will be much improved resulting in a better quality of life.


It is a freedom from a chaotic place where it is crowded and completely dependent with utilities. As we are far from a city, we will be less stressful. We will feel more secure, not worrying about contracting this virus or being a victim of crime. We become independent and self sufficient. We will gain knowledge and understand more about nature and it’s ecosystem as it will be our only primary mode of survival.

Offgridliving may be difficult in the beginning but is all worth it. I see it as a very rewarding feeling, a simple and wonderful way of living with nature, a practical living. A happy and contented way of life.

I have not experienced offgrid living yet, But It is my dream one day that I could sustain my needs through farming and foraging. How lovely and rewarding for sure when everything you need is just right from your garden. It’s a beautiful journey through time that you can be proud of.

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Yeah it's right. it's exactly the full freedom from the chaotic place. the busy and city life are not suitable place for us to live on. we are off gridding experiencing

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