Summer Garden Update: Tomatoes

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I was given two of these plants a few months back and placed them in the ground with mulch. Using wood chips I had delivered to me by tree trimmers, I use it as the soil media for them to grow in.

One of the Tomato plants has grown alot, while the other has not many anywhere as much progress. It is possible that they are two different types. But regardless we are getting Tomatoes from them every week or so. Once the bottom of the Tomato starts blushing I take it off the vine and place it in a window inside. Otherwise if I tried to ripen on the plant it would probably get eaten by worms.

The Tomatoes taste great, I have been taking slices of them for sandwiches and burgers. And using in soups I make, the taste of them is excellent and as fresh as can get.

Since the making of this video I have put the plants into cages and they are doing much better. The fall updates on these will really show their progress.

The cuttings I have taken are growing as well, showing signs of live with new leaves. I will need to do a post on the cuttings as well in the fall. Right now they are a little wilted and some are just starting to show signs of life.

I have an idea of an aeroponic grow for these Tomato plants, maybe year I will experiment with that. Take some cuttings early on and see if I can grow them in a soiless setup.

Though for now I will grow them in the mulch and look forward to the cuttings to start producing. I saw some flowers forming on them so I think I will indeed get some yields from the cuttings this year. Next year ill start all of that much earlier. These plants were gifts and was not planning on growing them, but always happy to accept some food bearing plants and glad I put them in the ground.

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Hello friend great work, the cultivation of tomatoes is very demanding in terms of nutritional conditions I imagine that the mulch is an excellent organic material.

See you later 🤝

True, hoping when the mulch breaks down more it will be even more useful to the plants. But seems right away the plants are quite happy with it.