A Small Dedication to all the Ladies.


Greeting of the day to all the super amazing ladies!!!

Today while I was sipping onto my morning coffee, I was flipping through all the old archives, dusty documents, vintage images, almost forgotten playlists with lyrics and junk folders stored inside my head.

While doing so I came across something golden that I had written long time ago. Maybe around 3-4 years before.

I wrote this to use as a Intro for my Public speaking competition. I thought this is something I want to publish as my first post in this awesome community.

Today’s post is dedicated to all the AMAZING WOMEN.

This is my way of saying to them :

You Go Girl !!!


Dear Prince Charming,
I don’t need you to Save Me,
I Unshackled the Cuffs and Chains,
Killed the Dragon,
And Walked back to my Castle Barefoot,
Leaving behind a Trail of Bloody Footprints,
To show the World What a Woman can do.


Day Of The Girl GIF by UNICEF

Wish you all a Wonderful Weekend.


Strong and Unstoppable! We have all slayed a dragon or two and we grow stronger each time we face the challenges!

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@bold-n-italics I noticed you upvoted my comment and thank you! But what I have been told is that unless your vote is at least
O.O2 it turns to 'dust' and is wasted. I hate seeing you waste your voting power and thought you would want to know.

Aaah ... that makes sense.
Will keep that in mind hereinafter.
Thank you @melinda010100 😊

OMG, I just shared this comment with another Lady of Hive Lol!

I love this quote from L, Neil Russel ~ Being Caballero

I guess we all share in the same purpose and vision!

We sure do.😊😎
That’s a really beautiful quote.