My introduction to the Ladies of Hive community/Mi introducción a The Ladies of Hive community

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Hello Ladies of Hive, my name is Denisse Mata, I am 25 years old and I live on the Margarita Island Venezuela. I'm here thanks to my dear friend @ melinda010100

Hola Ladies of Hive me presento mi nombre es Denisse Mata, tengo 25 años y vivo en la Isla de Margarita Venezuela. Estoy aquí gracias a mi querida amiga @melinda010100


I want to share with you my love for pastry. My biggest dream is to one day have a shop and sell cakes. Thanks to this platform I was able to pay for my pastry studies.

Quiero compartir con ustedes mi amor por la pastelería. Mi mayor sueño es algun día tener una tienda y vender pasteles. Gracias a esta plataforma pude pagar mis estudios de repostería.


Being here has been great. And this new community seems wonderful to me because we can all share the things we like. I have some time here but it is always great to participate in new communities especially where we can support each other.

Estar aquí ha sido genial. Y esta nueva comunidad me parece maravillosa pues entre todas podemos compartir las cosas que nos gustan. Yo tengo algún tiempo aquí pero siempre es genial participar en nuevas comunidades sobre todo donde podemos apoyarnos.



Great introduction post, Denisse! I'm so happy you joined in!

Thanks my dear 💕

If you go through and comment on the posts that interest you, you will make lots of great new friends here!

I think that's what I'll do. Taking advantage of the fact that I have Internet at home And I feel good to be sitting at the computer

I'm glad you are connected and are feeling better this morning! ❤️

Yes, thank God I have felt better. I think the medicines and diet have worked well, eating healthy has reduced the pain

That is a far better alternative than surgery! Spend the money on good food, not on doctors!

I love eating healthy. Only that it is expensive, but little by little we go with what I do here I will try to eat healthy. I am eating a lot of vegetables and avoiding flour and rice.

Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

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Welcome to the ladies of hive, and your pastry does look great. I would immediately take a bite. Keep on going and your dream will come true.

Thank you very much, it is a pleasure to be part of this community