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RE: Greetings new friends.

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You have an optimistic outlook of yourself despite the terrible economic conditions now occurring in your own country Venezuela. Only a faith in God can give you such fortitude. I am familiar with the news coming from that place and I have a work friend that used to live in Caracas and her family had by now left mostly to Columbia and Chile for better opportunities. I am also a Nurse living in Canada but I can see the same thing coming here as Socialism is slowly becoming dominant here. I know God has bless me, and I can learn of your example of Faith in God and in good people.


God does not abandon us. He always shakes hands and indicates the way forward.
I hope that my son finishes his university studies and then, if this situation of lack of government in my country continues, I will go to Europe. Only if God allows me.
Thanks for reading my post.
I hope you continue with many years of success, wherever life leads you by the hand of God.