#worldcoinwednesday: 2019 5 Mark Germania & Germania Allegories

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” Blackbirds tend to like Shiny Things” ~ The Bloody Raven
I know its Monday. Had a challenging week but let’s go with it.

These two coins literally took my breath away.
Set at a price at a steep 90% and 100% respectively above the bullion value it was high enough to give pause in reconsidering that there was no way I can flip these for a short-term profit. But Profit was not my goal.

It was to be a little sub theme collection of empowered women (Gals with kick arse weaponry to be exact) and that started with Silver Bullet- Silver Shield’s Sic Semper Tyrannis. I'm simply delighted since joining...

The Coin/Medallion

2019 Germany 5 Marks: Germania
Reverse; Allegorical Woman with a shield and broad sword
Legend: • GERMANIA • 2019 • 1 OZ • 9999 FINE SILVER •
Artist: Natalia Danysz
Diameter 38.61mm, Thickness: 2.9mm
Fine Silver 0.9999
Weight 31.1g
Edge: Reeded

The choice of the personification of Germania as the main motif of the obverse was obvious – strong, valiant and devoted to the matter. ~Germaniamint.com

Though this version of the Germania is Natalia Danysz’ interpretation of the iconic symbol, the allegory has seen different interpretations through the years. Rather than the Breast plate with the Bicephalous Eagle Danysz placed on the heraldic Shield representing protection and strength and at the same time gives the overall imagery it’s distinct European origins. The long flowing gown rather than armor symbolizing purity and the nurturing mother. Kept is the broadsword symbolizing power and the readiness to fight.

The Bloody Raven’s eye does recognize a few detracting issues with her majestic feminine form is combat practicality.

First is the armament, unless Germania has exceptionally strong arms and shoulders it is profoundly difficult for most gals to sufficiently wield both a heavy shield and broadsword to attack and or defend. Hence, this pirate gal’s preference to two-handed weapons and rely on speed and agility. This can free up one hand for holding other symbols like; Oak, Laurel, Olive branches or a Smartphone 😁 for that important selfie.

Second is the floor length gown. Ladies, ever combat in floor length dress? Well I have at least sparred in such. And I tell you skirts get in the way of foot work so make it knee length if it has to be a skirt. Clinchers and corsets are for a great for the hourglass figure look but to fight you got to breathe too so loosen it.

2019 Germany 5 Marks - Numista; Germania
Obverse; Bicephalous eagle with Laurel branches
Artist: Natalia Danysz
Classification: Token Exonumia
Germania Mint
Mintage: 25,000

The Bicephalous eagle crest has it’s origins with the Roman empire as Germania was a pre-European Roman Province.
While the Laurels represent victory and wisdom, Germania could have Oak leaves representing heroism or Olive leaves Symbolizing a Peace maker.

My Next Coin/Medallion

2019 Germany 5 Marks: Germania & Britannia
Reverse; Allegorical Germania with Shield & Britannia with Trident
Artist: Natalia Danysz
Diameter 38.61mm, Thickness: 2.9mm
Fine Silver 0.9999
Weight 31.1g
Edge: Reeded

The release of Britannia and Germania coin came on the heals of a politically sensitive event, Britain’s vote to leave the Euro. The body language says it all. It was as if Natalia alluded to the politically fueled lack of candor between the two positions; To Brexit and be Independent or Submit to the Authority of the EU.
I think I will have a bit of fun with a Caption to this coin. What could they be talking about?

The Roman empire long considered Britannia as the allegory representative of their distant island province. Britannia is typically outfitted with the Corinthian helmet, Macedonian Hoplite Shield, Poseidon’s Trident and prior the Victorian era, has been commonly portrayed throned by the sea sometimes with a Lion or a ship in the background.

1937 United Kingdom [Penny](https://en.numista.com/catalogue/pieces669.html) George VI

My ‘Brit and Gertie’ Caption

Britt turns her head and looks at her Tea-Time guest in the eye, "Gertie you're not thinking right, has your corset has cut off the circulation to your brain."

Gertie reached out her hand on Britt’s shoulder to assure her long-time friend, "Look Brit, Aunt Merkel and the Club will make the tough decisions for you. Just pay the annual 5 Billion Euro fee, relax and hand your sovereignty to us pros in Brussels. We will tell your people what to do, what to say, and believe. It's all centralized for your convenience."

"And after all this time your counter proposal is … we now don't get a vote in the club?"

"Why vote? Consider it a temporary little no-no for even considering the unwritten rule of not breaking rank. Trust me, I'll amend that after your people beg to get back in." Gertie gestures her left hand against her flowing golden locks, "Ya, I can hear your little people begging to rejoin our EU club. Low interest loans, meet wonderful people from Syria and Africa, redistribute the wealth, its the global thing to do! Everyone will be joining!"

Better stop here to avoid being too political. But we already know her answer.

2019 Germany 5 Marks - Numista; Germania & Britannia
Obverse; Germania coat of arms surrounded by branches of oak leaves
Legend: GERMANIA 2019 5 MARK
Artist: Natalia Danysz
Classification: Token Exonumia
Germania Mint
Mintage: 25,000


So, what do you think of these coins?

Can you think of a fun caption for Britt & Gertie?

Please comment and thank you for stopping by my Blog today.


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1. My own pictures shot with a Samsung SM-A530W
P. Image under Pixabay
R. Clip art from 123RF
W. Wiki Commons


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W2 Britannia AllegoryBritannia on Plymouth Hoe by Mageslayer99 under Creative Commons 3.0
Website Germania Mint
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Wiki: Britannia allegory

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Wow... I absolutly LOOVE this piece.
I have seen some of the Germania before and on my wish list is to get me one, but I never seen this one before.
Such a beautiful silver sis and now I HAVE to get me one 😁 lol

Thank you for sharing and OMG your stack is just frkn incredleble.
Love it ❤️

Have a wonderful week and much love 🤗🌷🤗

Thank you Sister @saffisara clicking on the links should give you an ideal of what is now available in this series and also what is coming in the future. A bit expensive but beautifully portraying just one facet of European culture.

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Oh, that many, seemed less than that but thanks for the awesome support!

Oh, you are very welcome @kerrislravenhill! Finally some womanpower on the chain! Keep up the good work! 😉

That is great, my collection is so boring. I just got the weight. I like the way you put this post together, it made me laugh a bit!
Aunt Merkel lol , For that important selfie. Haha

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I keep an eye on International politics and couldn't help myself, the Britannia ans Germania coin coming out at just at the height of the decision. It was Nationalism versus Globalism thing.
And I'd take a selfie if I think I looked BADASS like any of these Gals.
Thanks for dropping in @tbnfl4sun

Beautiful coin. I like the coat of arms side.

I think the word is 'Elegant' besides beautiful. An example of Europe culture in it's artistic symbolism.
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Awesome silver @kerrislravenhill, sometimes even with higher premiums its worth it to get the coins that you want for your stack!!😀

I regret not picking up a single 2020 Germania back in Early March before the prices hit the ceiling. Hoping to get just one. Thanks for commenting @silvertop

They are very Detailed coins @kerrislravenhill. If the silver spot price keeps dropping you might get another at a good price!! Don't work too hard my friend!!😀

Beautiful rounds @kerrislravenhill! I would have to agree with you about the long skirts thing.......or even skirts at all. You just don't have the freedom of movement! (I am SO not a dress gal, lol). Anyway, they are a nice addition to your stack. Getting what you desire to stack is half the fun!

Take care sis! Have a good night!💜

Well I had to bite my tongue on the price but these coins were right up my alley. Perfect time to show them on Ladies of Hive. Thanks @elizabethbit

You be @kerrislravenhill! I am really liking our new community! Take care!💜

Those are some very beautiful pieces I've never seen! If the price keeps dropping I may have to get in on some higher premium coins like those. Thanks for sharing them @kerrislravenhill!

And I may be eye balling the 2020 Germainia with the Germania & Columbia coin if prices go down enough. I may just say 'What the Hoot" and get them anyway. Collect and Stack at the same time.

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I've never heard of ARCHON but I'll check it out. Thanks for the heads up @kerrislravenhill!!

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Thank you so much for the Family support. 🤗

I loved both rounds and the story you created about them.
The only thing I did not understand is the fact that a private mint put a value (5 Marks) on a round. People could think that it was an official restrike (2019) of an old coin.

They are classified as Exonumia or Tokens but we know that the German Mark as long retired from legal tender status and the fiat Euro is put in its place. Restrike or not, I think most people will find out more Googling it on their smartphones and learn something about it. One day Germany may go back to the Mark, and we know this silver 'Token' as real money.
Thanks for dropping in @ronavel

Ohw my ... this just looks beatiful. I so would want to stack myself ... ah well, first things first. But I enjoy seeing your amazing stack.

You will hear this disease called "Stackitis" and stacking silver can get addicting and @thekittygirl @saffisara @elizabethbit and @silversaver888 are all very familiar with it.
Once you hold the coin in your hands... well, I did write a research article on it... but you will understand.
If you have any questions, please ask any of us.
Prepare a Stacking Plan, and have a Strategy.
👀 https://germaniamint.com/
I'm not a Financial Advisor.
I'm a Silver Stacking Pirate ☠️ And #silvergoldstackers' Stackitis Nurse

Great looking coins, i think i haven't owned these yet, which mean i am gonna go buy 😀, you are becoming a swordwoman

I took Akido then informally Kenjutsu as a complimentary art, then focused more on formal Katori Shinto Ryu katana Style but not with a certified and accredited Sensei. The giphy is before Katori. Thanks for dropping in again @djohan

Absolutely Beautiful Rounds!
You have quite a collection - Very Impressive!
And Thank You for stopping by!
Have A Great Rest of the Week!

Thank you for commenting @lesmann
These particular coins are a sub theme aside from collecting my usual Pirate theme but I couldn't pass them up when I saw them available even with the premium selling price well above the typical retail prices.

I believe You!
Anyways they will be worth more down the road!
Have a Great Saturday!

When we make a Combined order, naturally you're quite excited about it. But I remember these coins you are very excited along with the Black Flag coins. Keep in touch @kerrislravenhill when you are ready to order again. Prices are down a bit, got any dry powder ready?

You bet! @punkysdad

So cool, love the art on all the coins, each one is like a snowflake it its unique manner
Coins themselves as jewelry are a big biz. I see why. Great post

I've actually got my hands on bezels for just that very thing. I have a pair of sterling bezels I could mount earrings or any chain necklace. I admit 1 oz coins are a bit too large as earrings but I'd thought to give it a try. Coin bezels are available on most coin sizes.
Thanks for Dropping in BA.

If ye smelt y'er coins and fold them 1000 times, ye get a better kitana.

Gladly taken under advice, Sair.

I have alluded to that in an episode in the Chronicles of the Bloody Raven - Origins in regard to her Cursed Sword of Ambrogio with the cursed Silver Forged into her combat Rapier designed by Da Vinchi himself over 500 years ago Click Here
I thank yea kindly @reverendrum