My love for fairy tales and how I so wished to be a princess

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Hello Hiveians

Funny but true it is that if all of our childhood dreams and wishes were to be granted am sure I would be living in a different continent by now.
I had it all planned in my head, the type of parent I want God to give me 😂, how wealthy they must be and all the other terms and condition i gave God.

Above all these, i desired to be a princess, who would be loved and served by her subjects, this desire was inflamed more after watching too many fairy tales especially the ones with happy ending, i already imagine my castle and prince charming 😂😂😂😂

I wanted to be in that position where i would be served and attended to with just a lift of finger i could order anyone around, i also imagined the taste of authority, the beautiful royal dresses and ornaments, the fancy handfan i have to carry even when am not hot...
But all these are my own tail of which i have no clue of the ending yet.
After watching this barbie movie

  • Barbie princess and pauper
    I understood more that it is better to be in a position to serve, being responsible is what makes you a princes.
    Your responsibility to your family, friends and country has earn you that princess crown and henceforth am a princess.



I found this childhood picture of mine and decided to share even though its dark in here and the camera couldnt get a clear picture.




Lets have some more princesses everywhere, sisters and daughter, aunties and mothers, responsible women who make a castle out of your home, we appreciate your hardwork and the joy at your dinner table will never fade away

I will love to know about all of your childhood dreams and fantasys at the comment section

Thanks for engaging in my blog


I think I know all of these stories by Barbie. I really like Barbie, since 4. I have seen a lot of movies of her too. I have always wished I could be a fairy. Imagine flying around, being able to do magic, seems so amazing. :D

I can imagine , I will be ontop of the world if i could fly.

Yes, I agree. :)

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Update for regular authors

My dreams are not the usual Disney fare as The Pirate Princess, The Bloody Raven. Traveling the long dark road of vengeance and finding some peace in the rhythmic sounds of the open sea of solace and solitude. My dream is simple, to find a life and adventure living on a real sailing ship. An 18th Century English Light Frigate with 22 cannons is preferred. ☠️

It's long story.

I am born in the year of our Lord 1482, I Taska Menine, daughter of Lord Grigory and Lady Anna Menine, and sister to Grigory II of the Menine fiefdom of Khazria. I was but ten years of age when my Father is betrayed just because the people loved him more than the king. The seductive whispers and scheming voices of evil men convinced the King to [falsely charge my father]( Grigory of treason my family killed and I was sold into slavery.

Misty Castle By Marc Marchal Under CCO Unsplash

I vowed vengeance for my family but I was powerless and in my weakness I was led to my spirit creature, the Raven that claimed to be empowered by the First Night Walkers of Ambrogio spake Machel the Despised. There he gave me autonomy and his power and used it to throw off the oppressive yoke of my cruel taskmaster and fulfill my lust for vengeance but that power also came with the price as my soul is cast in lot with the eternal undead.

In another encounter ordained by the nameless gods where in Roma I was adopted as Claudia by a compassionate Giovanni Auditorè Da Firenze where I first crafted my skills as an Assassin and acquired the powerful pendant of Ambrogio and forging it's cursed silver into my assassin's blade.

For centuries since I trodden this earth on the quest to acquire cursed silver artifacts, in that time I have assumed a number in other aliases;

  • Teng Meng: General Cold Moon ; The Silk road.
  • Tigress Makarra: Captain of the Sukindar Black Archers: The Consolation of India
  • Lady Teshine Mintauru,; The Karasu : Medieval Japan
  • Tianna Mintauru: The Bloody Raven of the South East Asian Seas.
  • Temm Leong Mei: The Red Dragon: The Opium Wars.
  • Lady Tracey McMillan of the Sky Pirates: Victorian England 1900
  • Sister Teresa D'Mordecai: The Mexican Revolution 1812
  • Madame Tricia Maloney: The Gambler's house - The California Gold rush.
  • Claudia Auditore da Firenze Esq: Mafia Hitman(woman) – Girl Friday
  • List is partial and subject to revision.

And I may just may be available for a few Princess's parties for the fun of it. 😉 And Welcome to Ladies of Hive!

Adventure on the sea? ..I will be scared to death of any incoming danger 😂😂😂
I can't imagine myself in a ship surrounded by water everywhere , maybe someday I can overcome that phobia .
It will be quite a memorable adventure for you

My young girls dreams ... Hmmm, as a young girl I always dreamed of life full with love of and for animals. All kinds of animals, and yes there was a prince charming in those dreams. But my prince charming was not living on a castle, he was living in and with nature, so did I. Of course, how could we live elsewhere with all our animals?

The love for and from animals is still there with 3 shepherd dogs in my life

Wow, that's beautiful, i love animals and flowers too, i can imagine me and prince charming with those animals in a beautiful garden.

Lol ... there won't be too much of a garden with many animals. At least not very beautiful ... Let's just say that many animals love 'gardening' too.

I daydreamed about being an ice skater, owning horses ..... or maybe being a marine biologist.

I'm 63 and I have never ice skated, not once..... never owned a horse, although I've ridden a few and .. .that's right, I was never a marine biologist.

LOL.... those dreams were still fun..... while they lasted !

Wow, very funny I can't stop laughing. I hope in the next world we get to fulfill our dreams if there were any.