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RE: A Serious Headache ... Toxic Visitor

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sorry to read that you had a visitor draining your energy. I know exactly what you mean, these people suck the life out of you when they're around and it's exactly that what I try to guard myself as well. My boyfriend had a few of these "friends" my gutfeeling was off from the get go but he didn't find out until much later that these were toxic people. Thankfully, I don't have to deal with them anymore :) not women btw, but men. I do agree with you though, that toxic women are often worse as they tend to play everyone and nobody seems to notice, which makes it even more frustrating :)


Yes it's sometimes hard to protect yourself from that, but so necessary for your own well-being. And yes men can be toxic too but often enough women just seem to know much better how to play this game unnoticed and when you notice you're almost too late and it has gone way too far already.

And with all the men that I have met in my life, I never noticed so much energy sucking as I did with women.

Thanks for your visit and comment. Take care you too!

Yeah I think you must be right that toxic women are much more draining the energy and especially because they don't target the partners (like often toxic mean target their partner) and doesn't happen behind closed doors, with women it happens out in the open, and these women often seem to have made it their way of life rather than being toxic to just a few people. It's like it runs through their blood and they can't be anything other than that. I also think that men often have a blind spot for them, just like women have them for those men.. Which sucks, because when trying to help a friend and venting your opinion (as an outsider seeing things clearly) will often not be heard. Speaking from experience ;) lol

I thought something like that... But yes agreed with you. And speaking from experience too. Lol