My update translation for Ecency Application

Hello Hivers and Ecency Lovers around the world,

Today I share with you the progress of my translation for Ecency Application for Bahasa Indonesia or Indonesian language since I was approved to be a translator on April 7, 2021.



Multi-culture and multi-language was always one of the strongest points of Ecency because we embrace people from all culture and nations. With that said, we are launching new translation program where you can make Ecency speak in your tongue and get rewarded in process. source

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My Contrubution To The Project

Actually, the initial language of the project was English and my first task was to translate Ecency Vission into Indonesian and then on April 7, 2021 I was approved by @good-karma to translate the Ecency Mobile from English into Indonesia. Now I have translated 509 words from English to Indonesian.

I have a strong commitment to keep translating Ecency Application for mobile and dekstop version because I want to help the users from Indonesia to be easier in creating any posts on Hive Blockhain. I am sure most of users from Indonesia will use this application to be rewarded in Hive. There is no doubt for me to write like that because I know more and more users from Indonesia will be here with us.


It is comfortable to create content on Hive Blockchain using the Ecency Mobile and Ecency Vision because this is the nost friendly users application on Hive Blockchain. You can try to use Ecency if you still think what I said is not true. You can choose the communities you are familiar with, and your posts will appear in your community.


Now the translation has been 100% and Indonesian community must be happy to create contents on this blockchain using Ecency Application.


Thank for @good-karma because of him and his team worked hard to lauch the application for us here.


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