Pretty Fly & Hey Ya - az music challenge "O" Time

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Music A to Z
Initiated by @psos
Each day one alphabet letter
2 Bands or Singers, one song each.
Your feelings about the bands or singers.
Links to the songs.
Use the hastag #a-zmusic

Today is the moment of the letter


Offspring - Pretty Fly

It was 1998 and there wasn't a soul in the world who didn't know this song.
Punk rock invaded the planet and this song was its anthem, the best commercial there could be.
After 22 years it's still very much present on the radio, a sign of the planetary success of Pretty Fly.

Outkast - Hey Ya

From one success to another.
This time we slip into hip hop, but a different hip hop that in 2003 changed the music scene.
The Outkast song is a jewel in the top 100 of almost all the most important charts of the last 20 years.

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Your post is a great reminder, I have so many good memories with both of these tunes ;)

but seeing Outkast, my first thought went to the other track, called

Outkast - Ms. Jackson

Wow Ms Jackson, what a song! I love it!
I was very uncertain to which one song to choose!

As far as I remember, Ms Jackson was the first track from Outkast that I've ever heard. Back in the days it was as huge as Hey Ya!

Yes, it was my experience too. Great great song

I love that song by OutKast, definitely one of my favourites 👍

It's very beautiful song