Found poetry about Wine

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While walking around the city of Pula, my friend got a little hungry and took me to a canteen to keep him company for lunch.

While eating fine food at the Self Service MARKET Restaurant , i took some pictures of the pictures on the wall and one nice poetry


Written in Glagolitic script in the old alphabet, ink dried on a leather parchment made of goatskin, which failed to make an instrument and was used to write poetry.


It was given to the canteen because they have fine tasty food, low prices so that students can enjoy a hot meal and are very kind


this is a translation in the Istrian dialect as written on parchment


I have to translate it into Croatian so I can translate it for me.


And teran flows like jesus
blood from grapes milked
And his hard feet anointed him,


The ones that the stone scratched and the payments - the feet
He puts on live meat.


And the white man?


Is Li Malvasia
It grew on gold
Are the hands of a girl



Berry by berry appreciated
In fear of pitting,
Membrane and bile
Don't let go.



Flowing gold,
And the blood of Jesus Christ
The body to rejuvenate,


His face smoothed
To be younger,
And let it warm us,


Storm, rain and sun
In the berry grew
On bloody ground




author D D Drago Draguzet also one of the builders, musician and teacher of traditional Istrian music and singing


and artistically there are frescoes on the walls that give a nice impression of the atmosphere




located across from the green market where fruits and vegetables are sold




inside the exit is a double sliding door that I didn't see when I came out


and I honestly banged my head on them so much that everything shook but really hard. Luckily, they remained intact and I only had a small bump on my forehead

By the way, the photos are from the past of Pula as it used to be and now there are no monuments and it has remained there but it has changed a bit, so I greet everyone on Hiva with the poetry of WINE


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Great post, very informative and well-chosen pictures! I think in the original, even more refined meanings are hidden, since after going through the translation in several stages, the original meaning is always lost ...

Ah, I'm sorry, but English isn't very good for me, so I use a translator, so I apologize for that, but I'm learning English a bit and I'm also interested in Russian, otherwise I like foreign languages.

It is very difficult to translate poetry into a dialect-literary language, so what else to translate into a foreign language like English to me... :))

A little effort and everything will work out) The main thing is not to stop there!

I don't give up, just practice and will of course with a smile :)

Wish you good luck, my friend!