How the dream spent Christmas

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A little late but Merry Christmas everyone .

Especially to the ladies a small whiff of attention a small flower


so to start as a dream brought that day .... I woke up early and did good deeds maybe by accident and maybe it should have been like that anyway I'm satisfied

I arrived to visit a friend and he cut dry palm leaves that were supposed to end up on the fire to burn nicely


I took the sheet and cut it into pieces


but the wire fence had an interesting sound, so I played a little on it ... made sounds


a fire broke out


on the artichoke list found the dream of a tiny insect


after zoga I went to the Karlo Rojc building



went inside and


in one part of the hallway where the staircase separates up and down in one part of the hallway the acoustics are phenomenally crazy infobra so I played there a bit


I entered the room and continued to play


with these instruments and the violin except with the bow I played it like a djembe
there is also a pastoral playing a traditional instrument with six holes resembling a recorder only in the Istrian scale of pentathonics


there are keyboards from my friend and Violin teacher Silvano Kalagac


otherwise I've never played keyboards so this will be the first time I've played them

I have small issues with new technology that teaches how to switch music and create video

Good luck to everyone on Hive and I will soon have my first composition ...

honestly I am also interested in how it will sound since everything was played separately at different minests and times. without a matrix ... without a matrix, I'm challenged and I'm interested in what it will look like


to be continued


wire fence had an interesting sound, so I played a little on it ... made sounds

Hahaha, nice, trying to create sounds wherever possible :)

one part of the hallway the acoustics are phenomenally

Violin in the hallway or one of the other instruments?

Looking forward to listening to your work. Owww, keyboards can be a nice addition to instruments like the violin.

he is still struggling with the technology to master it .

Take over? Can't be too difficult hahaha

a really good story; it will be interesting to hear your composition!

I'm also waiting to hear that we will soon overcome this struggle with mob-modern technology, which is a bit complicated for me, but soon