The Positive Side of Suffering

in Inner Blocks2 months ago

If you have ever suffered or currently suffer from a chronic or long term illness, like myself, have you ever thought about the positives that come about through the suffering? Here are a few things that may help you to see the positive admist the pain.

There are all different kinds of suffering. Pain from depression or mental illnesses. Pain or discomfort from a physical illness, such as cancer or diabetes. Since I have been dealing with a long term chronic illness, major anxiety disorder which has caused agoraphobia for some years and depression, I have seen some positive sides to my suffering.

I have learned to appreciate the small things in life much more. There are some things that normal, healthy people may not be able to appreciate like those who live with chronic or long term illnesses. I look at life in a different way when I am feeling better. I say gratitude prayers for being able to get up out of bed in the morning or to be able to walk out the front door. I am thankful for every little good thing that happens in my life.


I have learned just how great friends and family can be. When I think of all that is going on in the world today, and how people tell me "they're aren't many good people out there these days", I think of my friends and family. They have supported me with love, care, generosity and kindness throughout the years. When I am down, I have my family and friends to carry me through the rough times and it shown me just how great people really can be and that they're really are good people in this world.

Suffering has taught me to be even more compassionate and understanding towards others. I feel that I can understand almost any one's pain and I try to be there for others and do what I can to help them. The pain that I've suffered has made me feel that I would not want anyone else to go through it and so therefore it has made me kinder and more caring.

Suffering has made me stronger. I feel that I do not sweat the small stuff. It has made me more easygoing and laid back. I feel that I can handle a lot and those little frustrating things in life just don't matter that much to me anymore.

When I am happy, I am really happy. If ever there is a day when I feel better than other days, that happiness really shows. I can feel it radiate all around me, in my heart. I like to extend that happiness to others and make others happy too. I like to hold on to that feeling and cherish it. I am a very sensitive person, so when I am sad and suffering, I really, really suffer. However, when I am feeling happy, I feel an intense happiness with all of my emotion.

Living with a chronic or long term illness is extremely difficult, but sometimes there are days when I try to think of the positive sides to some of the suffering. This is what helps me to get by.


Suffering certainly helps you prioritize the important things in life so that you can enjoy them when you have the opportunity.