Don't Fall For The Pull Backs In A Bull Run

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Hey JessHodlers

It looks like the bull run has been confirmed and when prices continuously rise it won't be a straight 45-degree angle to the right, it will ebb and flow, and you will have ups and downs along the way. The bull market is the idiot's guide to getting rich in crypto, all you do is lock in your significant positions during the boring times like we had for 3-4 years and then price in smaller positions all the way up during the ball run and then take profits.

In a bull run, everyone makes money on paper, the ones who make money at the end are the ones that know when to take profits. FOMO is a huge component of any bull run and why you will see crazy volatility going forward.


The 15 - 30% pullback is nothing

I always refer to the run up to $20 000 as a benchmark for runs and thanks to @coingecko for the data. If we look at the last run to 20k, we saw BTC pull back six times at a scale of between 15% - 30%, and it continued to rise. These false bottoms often freak out the market and shake out weak hands all the way to the top, and in turn pay HODL'rs to stick to their guns.

HODLing is never easy, I get the emotions behind it and the FUD and the shilling, you need to be impervious to a lot of things, everyone trying to scam you out of gains, but if you learn to HODL, watch the market and find profitable exit points, you'll do very well.

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Look no one knows where the top is, and it's going to be hard to sell at the top, but near the top should be more than enough should you have set your positions early on and did your research. Catching the upside with BTC will be easy but relatively small compared to the upside in certain alts so it may be good to put in smaller positions just to be able to take advantage of that satoshi arbitrage as new investors come in looking for "cheap" coins and falling for the good old unit bias.

Missing profits is not the end of the world

Take it from me, someone who HODL'd all the way down and DCA'd either way and still made a 46% gain on my nominal fiat value, this game will hurt, but it won't kill you. Many of you will lose during your HODL'ing because you'll want to buy in on the run and sell when you see it lose, you need to learn to go against these trends if you want to make the most of your HODL'ing.

I've prepared for four years now with my HODL strategy, and if I don't make major profits, I won't be too mad, but I think I am better equipped this time around to know where to exit.

Also, with the launch of stable coins both backed and algorithmic, it's an easy way to shift profits and then shift them back once things correct. Just don't hold in fiat for too long, even if it's digital.

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What do you good people of HIVE think? Are you ready for the bull run? What will your strategy be?

So have at it my Jessies! If you don't have something to comment, comment "I am a Jessie."

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Good advice I agree

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Thanks and wish you many happy gains this bull run

I missed the first wave of the pump, you reckon i buy ETH now and Bitcoin now?

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Lol I don't recommend anything, but I'll tell you what I am doing, I'll be buying all the way up each month no fear

Well I I'm HODLing bitcoin and basically I bought when it was 9k hopefully we can see a rise soon I hope to keep HODLing till maybe it can get to 15k

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I'm HODL'ing till I die, will use my BTC to gather interest and if I ever need cash I'll just extract a loan out of it, but for me, never sell is my strategy.

That's a fantastic strategy, that was my plans too but then I needed to run a huge project really soon

is that you in the photo? lol)))

Lol oh yes and hung like one too

Entering in is qute easy but making an exit seems the toughest thing to calculate to me. In hindsight, I think why didn't I exit from STEEM if not at $8 then at $4 or at $2 or even at $1! I kept on hodling STEEM. Was that any wise?

Okay, at what point you think it will be best to exit ETH ...$500 or $1500 or $3000? Personally I'm thinking around $2000 ...without looking at any graph or momentum. Am I doing it all wrong?

Lol you hit the conundrum right on the money but at this point for me I think the $ value is pointless, what I'm betting on is the future adoption of it. The alts I bet on are just ways to arbitrage and earn some more sats really, I have zero ambition to get out of crypto and then have to pay tax and all that jazz.

I use BTC as my anchor and just try to increase my overall sat position. Maybe I'll skim a bit of profit here and there but not much

My strategy is: buy BTC, lump it in Ledger, see you in 10 years!

LOL mine too, but also update blockfolio and then just like check it from time to time

I need to look in to these other sites I saw you mention with Niall about staking sats for interest? Although I think Ledger are looking in to this too so might just wait until that happens and stake what I have on there

I've got a few bucks in all of them just to test them out, so far Celsius has been the winner for me even if they scammed the government with PPP loans

LOL, OK, maybe I'll keep it in the Ledger and just chip away with fiat earnings each month 😃

We have been waiting for this bull run for years so hopefully it can stay up. Thanks for sharing about it going down and we simply need to hodl.


I hope your position EXPLORE in this bull run and your only regret is that you didn't buy more during the bear times

you da man, i'm getting back into OCEAN protocol... and what you think about NEST as well? Ocean and Band to get Coinbase listing

I saw BAND getting a coinbase listing lol there's another IEO coming out now called Serum, looks like its ripe to explode


"I am a Jessie,and I only have about 0.013 BTC to my name."

Well it’s not the only thing that will be on a run during this time, gold, silver, stonks, alt coins, I’m sure you have more skin in the fam than you think

Other than 2.2k Hive, the a big load of silver, gold, 4 LTC, 106k Dogecoin, a mortgage free home, and a charming collection of various alt tips on Discord... just only 0.013 BTC. 😃

Sounds good to me, we all playing the game differently but I think we're still ahead of the majority, sad for them, great for us

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